A vision of the future

Ken Kelleher

Art by Ken Kelleher

I think engaging in imagination, and sharing your vision as an artist, and inspiration, helps make a better future. It may be idealistic to think this, but think of all the things that wouldn't exist if we didn't imagine them. I like that cryptocurrencies help level the playing field for artists. Entrenched institutions and the biases of these institutions needed to be shaken up because all too often we hear or feel what it's like to be the proverbial 'starving artist' and to try to make a living within these very narrow norms. I think this period in time is liberating artists from some of these constraints, helping fans directly buy into and support artists' works, and breaking down some of the constraints that artist's typically bump into when trying to make a living.

Art by Ken Kelleher

United by the shared belief in the power of crypto and digital assets to change the world, we asked some of the world’s best digital creators to share their vision of the future.

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