A vision of the future

George Jasper Stone

Art by George Jasper Stone

This work is made for the viewer to imagine their own selves within the space, like a virtual simulation. Otherworldly spaces to me are playful and experimental ground to create, they sort of evolve like storytelling.

I wanted the landscape to feel optimistic and playful. The meaning behind it is quite subjective, I feel a bit reluctant to describe it too much because I don’t want to take away from whatever people may experience from it! It definitely was made in mind to be open in that way.

United by the shared belief in the power of crypto and digital assets to change the world, we asked some of the world’s best digital creators to share their vision of the future.

Disclaimer: Investing in cryptoassets is high risk and not suitable for every consumer. The value of cryptoassets may go down or up. As many crypto products and markets are unregulated, you may not be protected by government compensation or protection schemes. You should be prepared to lose all your money if things go wrong.