A New Generation of Wealth

Leon Davis

Art by Leon Davis

My vision of the future is inspired by freedom - freedom of expression, freedom to love who we choose, freedom to live how we want, freedom to enjoy our lives. So many people in today’s society are marginalized in the confines of their governments, cultures, and communities and the key thing I hope for the future is that we can all be free to live how we choose. I was also inspired by technology, specifically virtual reality - as our lives become more and more digital, I imagine a future where the lines are blurred and our digital life is just as important as our physical, where we can live inside a digital world partying and parading there, an accessible online space for us able to live as our true selves.

Art by Leon Davis

United by the shared belief in the power of crypto and digital assets to change the world, we asked some of the world’s best digital creators to share their vision of the future.