Cómo comprar Kusama (KSM)

Looking to test your application or blockchain before deploying it to the Polkadot network? If yes, KSM, the crypto asset that powers Kusama, may be a compelling addition to your portfolio.

Intended to serve as a pre-production version of the Polkadot blockchain, Kusama aims to give developers increased flexibility while they finalize and test new technologies. 

This means that, on Kusama, developers can build and deploy custom Polkadot blockchains while testing how they might work using the network’s governance and functionality. 

Not sure yet why you’d want to buy KSM? Feel free to read our ‘What is Kusama?’ guide, which offers a more extensive breakdown of its technology and vision. 

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¿Por qué comprar KSM?

KSM tokens are essential for the use of the Kusama blockchain. 

For example, users need to stake KSM to vote on potential upgrades to its network. In the process, these users also earn a percentage of new KSM tokens minted by the protocol.

how to buy kusama ksm

You may also want to consider buying KSM if you want to:

  • Create and launch new kinds of blockchains on Polkadot
  • Diversify your long-term investment strategy 
  • Experiment with Polkadot’s governance system
  • Invest in crypto assets that power interoperable blockchains 
  • Stake KSM to begin earning more cryptocurrency.
  • Participate in the Kusama governance process

Where can I buy KSM?

Hay varias formas de comprar KSM. Sin embargo, muchos encuentran que es más fácil comprarlo a través de un exchange global confiable como Kraken. 

Además de ofrecer las tarifas más bajas de la industria, Kraken está constantemente calificado como uno de los exchange de criptomonedas más seguros y confiables del mundo. Esto es importante porque si pierde la clave privada de su KSM, puede ser un desafío, si no imposible, recuperar sus fondos. 

En Kraken, tomamos la seguridad muy seriamente, con tecnología probada y procedimientos rigurosos diseñados para salvaguardar fondos. No tomamos atajos cuando se trata de seguridad, y usted tampoco debería.

How much KSM can I buy?

¿Desea comprar KSM con un presupuesto limitado? No se preocupe, Kraken ofrece un tamaño de pedido mínimo de 0.1 KSM para ayudarlo a obtener exposición a una variedad de activos.

Por supuesto, también puede ejecutar órdenes de compra de KSM más grandes. No sería extraño que los grandes traders compren o intercambien 500 KSM o más en Kraken.

KSM Price

Cómo comprar KSM en Kraken

Follow the steps below to start buying KSM on Kraken: 

  1. Sign up for a Kraken account.
    First, enter a valid email address, create a new username and set a strong password to protect your account.

  2. Verify your account. 
    In order to use cash (i.e. USD or EUR), you’ll need to provide our experts with additional supporting documents verifying your identity. Read about our verification processes here.

  3. Deposit cash.
    You can fund your account in a number of ways. How you do so will depend upon your location and preferences.

  4. Purchase KSM!
    Once your account is funded with cash, you’re ready to purchase KSM. At this point, you’ll also gain access to our advanced charting tools, 24-hour global client support and the ability to utilize spot trading on margin*, features that help make the Kraken experience beloved by millions of global traders.

*Availability of margin trading services is subject to certain limitations and eligibility criteria.

24/7/365 Customer Support

Trading is really pretty simple! If you have any questions about buying KSM, let us know. Our support staff is online all day, every day, ready to help.

You can reach us anytime on LiveChat or by email.

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Dónde mantener sus KSM

Once you buy KSM, you’ll need somewhere to safely store your cryptocurrency. 

Kraken is secure, but it’s always safest to store your KSM in a wallet, a software or hardware device that stores the public and private keys required to make crypto transactions.

There are many types of KSM wallets. Mobile and web wallets can make transactions easy, while hardware wallets are perhaps best suited for secure, long-term storage. 

Kraken is not a wallet service

Es importante tener en cuenta que Kraken es un servicio de exchange y no un servicio de monedero. Si bien permitimos que nuestros clientes mantengan KSM en sus cuentas, le recomendamos encarecidamente que separe sus tenencias de KSM en varias carteras. 

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