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In alignment with crypto’s core principles — empowerment, creativity and disruption — Kraken’s latest campaign provides independent artists with a blank canvas to share their visions of the future.

LONDON - September 20, 2021 - Kraken, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by euro trading volumes, has today unveiled a campaign that provides a platform for the next generation of artists to depict a plurality of visions of the future powered by crypto.

From today, more than 25 pieces of artwork, from 16 of the world’s best digital creators, will be displayed across 300+ locations in London and Manchester, turning the streets into an art gallery. The UK is one of the most financially active and tech-savvy places in the world, and the campaign will help Kraken raise brand awareness in what has always been one of its most important markets during London Design Week.

Art has always been used to express a particular vision of the future as well as to spur debate and discourse. As part of the campaign, Kraken gave participating artists freedom to express their own personal vision of the future. Most perceive a future not delineated by age, race, or buying power, but by values of independence, opportunity, and equality.

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"We want people to look beyond price curves and see how the underlying technology is shaping a new world" said Jeremy Welch, Chief Product Officer at Kraken. "Being purposefully open-ended enabled Kraken to convey its own vision of the future: a world of many expanded horizons, where opportunity and agency exist for everyone. We're thrilled to work with so many talented artists to paint their vision for a new generation of wealth."

George Jasper Stone, one of the digital artists who is participating in the Kraken campaign, commented: "It's rare to have an opportunity to make work without having to definitively rationalise it beforehand. The project for Kraken has been incredibly enjoyable! The concept could have been many different ideas, and there was a lot of trust without knowing the outcome."

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El trabajo artístico ahora está en exhibición, incluso en las vallas publicitarias de la rotonda de Old Street. La intersección entre el distrito creativo de Shoreditch y el corazón palpitante de la ciudad de Londres nos permite exponer nuestra visión y subrayar la importancia del vínculo que une el arte y las finanzas digitales. Todos los artistas conservan los derechos de autor y tendrán la oportunidad de acuñar un token no fungible (NFT) de su obra de arte a su debido tiempo.

"El vínculo entre las criptomonedas y el arte se remonta a los primeros días de bitcoin", dijo Welch. "La campaña de Kraken no solo educará a las personas sobre el potencial de las criptomonedas, sino que también transmitirá una visión convincente: una que empodera a las personas para trazar su propio futuro financiero".

Para obtener más información sobre la campaña y las obras de arte presentadas, visite o comuníquese con [email protected]. Tanto Jeremy Welch como George Jasper Stone están disponibles para entrevistas.

Mira el trabajo de George Jasper Stone en: @georgejasperstone

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