Staking for institutions

Earn rewards and participate in network validation with customizable staking solutions built for institutions.

Over a decade of experience building solutions for crypto enterprises

Yield opportunities

Flexibility to choose from a range of solutions that offer a fixed-percentage return on your owned assets.

Comprehensive listings

Access to and reporting for 25+ proof-of-stake assets.

Simplified reporting

Multi-asset, block-level reporting designed for institutions.


Powerful, flexible staking solutions that meet your needs

Non-custodial Staking

Non-custodial staking

Earn rewards while retaining control of your funds and keys with Staked, Kraken’s non-custodial staking platform.

Eligibility: Institutional investors or HNW individuals with $500,000 or more in proof-of-stake assets.

Custodial Staking

Custodial staking

Stake your assets directly on Kraken Pro with our easy-to-use custodial platform

Why Kraken?

Market Share

Market share

We have been at the forefront of crypto for over a decade, with over 9 million clients in 190 countries. We are #1 in Europe with over 35% market share.

Security expertise

Security expertise

Kraken is secured by industry-leading security and cryptography experts.

24/7/365 support

24/7/365 support

Our award-winning, always-available Account Management team has deep expertise in crypto products and services.

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*Custodial staking is not available to users in the U.S. or Japan

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Service in Washington and New York State is unavailable

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