Ano ang Bancor? (BNT)

Ang Beginner's Guide

Bancor is a blockchain protocol that aims to incentivize users to lock crypto assets in pools in exchange for a share of the fees paid when they are bought and sold by traders.

In this way, Bancor is attempting to facilitate the operation of what’s called an automated market maker (AMM), an established mechanism designed to provide liquidity to markets, but without requiring a financial institution to manage it directly. 

Put simply, AMMs like Bancor are aiming to make more niche crypto asset markets more liquid by offering incentives for users to create and maintain pools of assets. 

Whenever a trade is executed on its platform, tokens are converted into BNT as an intermediate step. The liquidity providers who deposited the assets then generate a return from their funds as a percentage of the fees paid by traders. 

While this may sound similar to other popular DeFi platforms, like Balancer or Uniswap, Bancor is built to facilitate its service across both EOS and Ethereum. Further, more blockchains could be made compatible with its platform in the future. 

Bancor is also one of the more established AMMs, having launched in 2017 when platforms leveraging multiple cryptocurrencies were less common than they are today. 

Of note, the platform underwent a major overhaul in 2020. The latest version, Bancor V2, touts improvements for traders and users who lock up tokens on the platform. 

what is bancor bnt


Sino ang Gumawa ng Bancor?

Bancor was co-founded by Guy and Galia Benartzi, and notable investors in the project include Tim Draper, a partner in investment firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. 

The project raised $153 million in a 2017 token sale managed by a Swiss non-profit called the Bprotocol Foundation. In total, funding was raised from nearly 11,000 investors, making it the largest sale of its kind at the time. 

Half the tokens were to be distributed to token sale participants, while the rest would be given to the founding team for various operating budgets and grant programs. 

More details can be found in the project’s official white paper.


Paano gumagana ang Bancor?

Upang i-automate ang serbisyo nitong AMM, layunin ng Bancor na bigyan ng insentibo ang mga user na magdeposito ng mga asset sa mga pool. Ang bawat pool ay binubuo ng isang pares ng mga token at isang reserba ng BNT cryptocurrency. 

Kapag ang isang user ay nagdeposito ng mga coin sa isang pool, nakatanggap sila ng isang bagong token bilang kapalit. Ang token na ito ay kilala bilang isang pool token, at hinahayaan ang user na kunin ang orihinal na halagang na-lock nila sa protocol.

Ginagamit ang mga BNT token bilang isang tagapamagitang currency kapag ang bawat token ay tine-trade. 

Isa pa, pinapayagan ng Bancor ang mga user na i-lock ang isang token sa isa sa mga pool nito (taliwas sa isang pares). Sa iba pang mga AMM, halimbawa, maaaring hilingin sa isang user na i-lock ang mga pares ng mga token sa ilang mga sukat sa bawat isa, upang ma-access ang pool.

Sa isang pool na binubuo ng ETH at DAI sa Bancor, ang isang user ay maaaring magdeposito lamang ng ETH o DAI. Sa Uniswap, bilang isang alternatibo, ang isang user ay kailangang magdeposito ng parehong ETH at DAI

Gayunpaman, ang mga user ay dapat din ideposito ang BNT sa anumang Bancor pool. 


Maaari mong tanungin, paano tinitiyak ng Bancor na maaaring makuha ng mga liquidity provider ang tamang presyo para sa mga coin na na-lock nila sa platform? 

Sinasabi ng Bancor V2 na malulutas ito sa pamamagitan ng isang solusyon na kilala bilang "oracle," na idinisenyo upang maipasa ang isang presyo mula sa isang external source tungo sa isang existing system. 

Gamit ang serbisyong ito, awtomatikong inaayos ng mga pool ng Bancor ang proporsyon ng mga token na may kaugnayan sa kanilang mga presyo, at sa gayon ay hinahayaan ang isang liquidity provider na i-withdraw ang parehong halaga ng mga token na idineposito nila. 


Bakit may Halaga ang BNT?

The BNT cryptocurrency is essential for facilitating trading between pools on Bancor.

Like other cryptocurrencies, Bancor’s BNT token has a fixed supply of 69 million tokens. Some 65 million tokens circulate freely on the markets, according to data provider Nomics

Perhaps the most compelling reason for BNT is that it allows Bancor to convert value between coins on different blockchains. Bancor is built on both Ethereum and EOS, meaning BNT can be deducted from pools composed of coins on both chains. 

BNT may also hold value because it is designed to track usage of the Bancor platform. 

This is because every pool on Bancor must hold BNT. As liquidity is added to Bancor pools, demand for BNT can be expected to grow.

Bancor also has plans to reward its liquidity providers with BNT tokens. While this has not gone into effect as of mid-2020, it could further motivate users to provide liquidity to Bancor pools. 

BNT holders may also be given the ability to vote on key parameters of the Bancor system, though such a system has not been implemented. 


Bakit Kailangan Kong Gumamit ng BNT?

Maaaring maging interesado sa BNT kung naniniwala kang patuloy na uunlad ang mga platform na nagpapahintulot sa mga user ng crypto na gumawa ng mga merkado at mapadali ang pangangalakal. 

Maaaring maging kaakit-akit din kung naniniwala kang ang isang platform na gumagana sa maraming blockchain ay maaaring mas matatag kaysa sa mga alok na binuo lamang sa isang blockchain. 

Maaaring isaalang-alang ang pagbili ng BNT kung gusto nilang makilahok sa pagtatakda ng mga alituntunin ng platform ng Bancor, sa gayon ay magkakaroon ng higit na kontrol sa kanilang mga hawak.


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Note: Trading BNT is not available to residents of Japan at this time.