Ano Ang Livepeer? (LPT)

Ang Gabay ng Baguhan sa LPT

Livepeer is a network built on Ethereum for transcoding live and on-demand video. 

Livepeer differentiates itself from traditional video streaming services like YouTube by not hosting, storing or distributing video. Rather, Livepeer is building a technology that utilizes excess computing power to more efficiently share video from broadcasters to consumers.  

Video streaming is the main source of internet bandwidth use worldwide, with some reports suggesting that it accounts for up to 80 percent of global internet usage. The biggest cost for video broadcasters lies in transcoding, which is the process of converting and reformatting raw video to ensure it can be played across multiple devices and networks, from pocket size smart phones to larger than life billboards.

Livepeer aims to disrupt the video transcoding market by giving broadcasters access to thousands of distributed processors, allowing app developers to create videos within a secure, efficient and affordable architecture. 

Central to its ecosystem is the Livepeer Token (LPT) which is used to secure the Livepeer network and coordinate the work responsibilities of those supporting the video encoding process.

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Sino ang Gumawa ng Livepeer?

Livepeer was created in 2017 by Doug Petkanics and Eric Tang. 

The Livepeer team did not conduct a token sale to distribute its LPT token. Instead, an initial amount of LPT was distributed between the community, the founders and the early team members, as well as a long term development fund.


Paano gumagana ang LivePeer?

Ang ibinahagi na arkitektura ng Livepeer para sa paghahatid ng mga sentro ng nilalamang video sa paligid ng pangunahing tungkulin nitong "mga orkestra." Ang mga kalahok na may sapat na kapangyarihan sa pag-compute ay maaaring maging mga orkestra sa pamamagitan ng paglalaan ng mga mapagkukunan sa transcode at pamamahagi ng video sa ngalan ng nagbabayad na mga broadcaster at developer.

Halimbawa, kumuha ng developer ng app na gumawa ng platform gamit ang Livepeer protocol na nakatuon sa live streaming ng mga high school na basketball game on demand. Ang coach ng koponan na naghahanap upang i-broadcast ang laro ay pupunta lang sa app at pindutin ang record, hindi na kailangang mag-alala tungkol sa mga teknikal na intricacies na pinangangasiwaan ng Livepeer sa likod ng mga eksena.

Samantala, ang mga orkestra ng Livepeer, ang mga may labis na mapagkukunan ng computer, ay nag-transcode ng kaganapan para sa iba't ibang network at device. Ang mga orkestra ay dapat munang stake Livepeer token (LPT) upang matiyak na gumaganap sila ng de-kalidad na trabaho. Mahalagang tandaan na habang ang LPT ay ang protocol token na nag-coordinate kung paano ipinamamahagi ang trabaho sa network, hindi ito ang medium ng exchange token upang magbayad para sa mga serbisyo sa loob ng Livepeer protocol.

Kinikilala ng Livepeer na hindi lahat ng may hawak ng LPT ay maaaring magkaroon ng kadalubhasaan o kapangyarihan sa pag-compute na kailangan para magampanan ang tungkulin ng isang orkestra. Kaya, ang papel na "delegator" ay nilikha. Pinipili ng mga delegator na itaya ang kanilang LPT sa mga orkestra na pinaniniwalaan nilang nag-aambag ng kalidad, tapat na gawain patungo sa proseso ng transcoding ng video.

Parehong ang mga orkestra at delegator ay kumikita ng mga bayarin na binabayaran ng mga video broadcaster para sa kanilang tungkulin sa pagtiyak ng mataas na kalidad at secure na network. Ang mga kinita na bayarin na ito, na babayaran sa ether, o isang stablecoin, gaya ng DAI , ay direktang proporsyonal sa halaga ng LPT orchestrator at delgator na na-staking sa Livepeer protocol. Gumagawa din ang Livepeer ng mga bagong token na ibinabahagi sa pagitan ng mga delegator at orkestra sa bawat 5760 Ethereum block, na tinutukoy ng Livepeer bilang isang round.


Bakit May Halaga ang LPT?

As the native token of the Livepeer network, LPT is critical for a variety of use cases across its network. 

Users may find the censorship resistant nature of decentralized architectures such as Livepeer holds value and stands in contrast to incumbent, centralized services such as Youtube, Twitch and Vimeo. The Livepeer team notes that these services could be subject to pressure from corporations or governments to modify, remove or deny certain videos from being published. However, as a backend technology, Livepeer leaves this responsibility to the broadcasters and application developers that utilize their system.

Additionally, Livepeer’s pay-as-you-go content consumption ethos means that users do not need to pay regular subscription fees towards services they do not use. The Livepeer system also allows content creators to earn more on their creations, as the need for costly intermediaries while sharing videos from broadcasters to end consumers is reduced.

Application developers may also enjoy the benefits of Livepeer. The distributed nature of the network allows them to more efficiently handle network usage spikes on their applications and reduce the need for more expensive transcoding services while scaling videos for a variety of devices and networks.


Bakit Gagamit ng LPT?

Investors may want to consider purchasing LPT if they are interested in contributing towards a distributed approach to video sharing and media as an orchestrator. Its decentralized design would allow them to utilize their idle computer resources.

Because Livepeer uses a different part of the GPU, miners using graphic cards to mine on other blockchains such as Ethereum could earn additional income from devoting their previously unutilized GPU capacity to video transcoding with Livepeer.

Those wishing to support orchestrators delivering transcoding services, while also earning passive income on their tokens through staking, may find value in LPT and the delegator role as well.  

Investors that see the potential of the Livepeer use case may also be interested in buying LPT and adding it to their portfolio to have a say in the future adoption of decentralized, peer-to-peer video networks.


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