Ano ang wBTC? (Wrapped Bitcoin)

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Wrapped bitcoin (wBTC) allows ethereum applications to integrate a cryptocurrency backed by real bitcoin reserves. 

In this way, wBTC operates as a bridge between bitcoin and ethereum, allowing Bitcoin users to access decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and for ethereum applications to gain additional liquidity.

To make this work, the process of going from BTC to wBTC depends on three entities:

  • Custodians – Minting wBTC and keep its bitcoin reserves secure.
  • Merchants –  Distribute wBTC to users and destroy excess wBTC 
  • DAO – a decentralized autonomous organization responsible for smart contract changes and the addition or removal of merchants and custodians

Once wBTC has been deposited in a user’s Ethereum address, the asset can be used in the network’s financial applications for savings, lending, and investment services, in a way that may offer advantages over existing options. 

Compared to processes in which credit is evaluated by a financial institution, wBTC users can put their bitcoin to work without divulging private information.

To learn more about WBTC, you can follow its Twitter or peruse the wBTC white paper.

What is wrapped bitcoin wbtc


Sino gumawa ng wBTC?

Unang inanunsyo ang wBTC noong Oktubre 2018, ngunit kalaunan ay inilunsad at ginawa ng isang consortium ng Bitgo, Kyber Network, at Republic Protocol noong Enero 2019. 

Sa paglunsad, agad na magagamit ang wBTC sa mga sikat na Ethereum DeFi dapps tulad ng Compound, Dharma, bZx, at dYdX. 


Paano gumagana ang wBTC?

Users who wish to deposit BTC and mint wBTC must go through a process that is carried out by merchants and custodians.

Once a user submits a request, merchants initiate a transaction to authorize the custodian to mint a corresponding amount of wBTC. The merchant then sends bitcoin to the custodian in exchange for the newly minted wBTC, which the user can then exchange their BTC for wBTC.

In order to redeem BTC for wBTC, merchants initiate a burn transaction and notify the custodians, who then release the corresponding amount of BTC to the merchant’s bitcoin address.Users then their wBTC to redeem BTC with the merchants, who burn the received tokens.


The smart contracts that create wBTC is controlled by a DAO composed of custodians, merchants, and agreed upon institutions. The DAO makes communal decisions such as changes to the smart contract that mints wBTC or adding/removing its members. 

The DAO launched with 16 initial members including all custodians and merchants along with several others such as MakerDAO, Blockfolio, Gnosis, and Loopring


Bakit may halaga ang wBTC?

Nakukuha ang halaga ng wBTC mula sa pagsasalamin ng presyo ng bitcoin, dahil ito ay backed 1:1, salamat sa reserve nito.

Ang wBTC ay nag-aalok ng kaparehong halaga sa ibang proyekto ng mint Ethereum tokens na nag-sasalamin ng presyo ng bitcoin, tulad ng Keep’s tBTC, na nagpapahintulot sa bitcoin holders na makipag-ugnayan kasama ng malawak na suite ng DeFi dapps na kasalukuyang nasa Ethereum na hindi kinakailangang ibenta ang kanilang mga asset.

Kapag na pag-desisyunan na hindi na gagamit ng services na ito, maliit lang na fee ang kailangang bayaran para makuha ang bitcoin nila mula sa mga merchants.


Bakit kailangan gamitin ang wBTC?

Maaaring makita ng mga user ang wBTC bilang magandang paraan upang magamit ang kanilang bitcoin sa mga aplikasyon ng Ethereum at ilagay ang kanilang idle cryptocurrency upang gumana sa iba't ibang mga yield-generating instrument. 

Maaari ring isaalang-alang ng mga investor ang pagdagdag ng wBTC sa kanilang mga portfolio upang magkaroon ng pagkakalantad sa pagkilos ng presyo ng bitcoin nang hindi nakikipag-ugnay sa network ng Bitcoin o pagbili nito sa pamamagitan ng isang centralized exchange.


Simulan ang pagbili ng Cryptocurrency

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