What is Zilliqa? (ZIL)

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Zilliqa is a software that seeks to incentivize a global, distributed network of computers to run a blockchain platform that aims to increase user scalability through sharding. 

In this way, Zilliza is one of a number of competing blockchain aiming to grow an ecosystem of decentralized applications (dapps) and cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Tron and EOS.

To differentiate itself from others, Zilliqa uses a sharding process which splits its infrastructure into several interconnected blockchains to support more transactions. 

Zilliqa also launched Scilla, a native programming language that focuses on security and enables developers to write and launch customizable dapps intended to replicate real world services.

To achieve all of these features, the network’s native cryptocurrency, ZIL, is used to execute programs, send transactions, and incentivize actors that support the network.

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what is zilliqa zil

Sino gumawa ng Zilliqa?

Inilunsad ang Zilliqa noong June 2017 ng mga co-founder na sina Amrit Kumar at Xinshu Don, dalawang mananaliksik mula sa National University of Singapore. Naging live ang mainnet ng network noong Enero 2019. 

Nagtaglay ng Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ang proyekto ng ZIL token noong 2017, na nakalikom ng higit sa $22 milyon na ETH. 

Suportado ang Zilliqa ng kumpanyang nagtatag nito na Zilliqa Research, pati na rin ng ZILHive, isang kumpanya na may inisyatibong paglago.

Paano Gumagana ang Ziliqa?

The Zilliqa network offers many features common to other cryptocurrency networks such as smart contracting, transaction settlement, and token issuance.

Developers can use its proprietary language, Scilla, to run custom programming logic (smart contracts) and design new programs (decentralized applications) to offer a variety of products and services.

While this system is complex in implementation, Zilliqa is ultimately designed to execute smart contracts and confirm network transactions in a scalable and efficient manner.


Sharding is a structural technique that splits the network into several pieces, or shards, allowing nodes to only process a fraction of the network’s transactions.

Each shard acts as its own blockchain and allows nodes assigned to them to store data, process transactions and add new blocks to their specific shard chain, called microblocks. 

Microblocks are then combined into a transaction block by Directory Service Nodes (or DS nodes) to be added to the Zilliqa blockchain.

Of note, the shard nodes contain a specific subset of the Zilliqa blockchain, and do not have to store Zilliqa’s entire history.

Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT)

Central to Zilliqa is the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT) governance mechanism that keeps the distributed network of computers in sync.

In order for nodes to power the blockchain and vote on changes, they must first stake ZIL, meaning that anyone who owns ZIL can help operate the network. Using pBFT, all nodes assigned to specific shards must agree before a microblock is finalized and combined into a transaction block. 

Each node is subsequently rewarded with a portion of the block reward for validating the transactions.

Bakit may halaga ang ZIL?

Zilliqa’s cryptocurrency, ZIL, plays a key role in maintaining and operating its network, and can be used for holding, sending and staking.

By owning and staking ZIL, users gain the ability to vote on network upgrades, with each vote being proportional to the amount of ZIL coin they stake.

Similar to many other cryptocurrencies, the supply of ZIL is limited, meaning that according to the software’s rules, there will only ever be 21 billion ZIL.

Bakit kailangan gamitin ang ZIL?

Maaaring makita ng mga user bilang kaakit-akit ang Zilliqa batay sa pagtatangka nitong lumikha ng nasusukat at secure na platform para sa mga desentralisadong aplikasyon. 

Higit pa rito, maaaring makita ng mga developer na kaakit-akit ang platform para sa mga produkto at serbisyo na maaaring makakuha ng mataas na dami ng aktibidad.

Maaaring hangarin ng mga mamumuhunan na bumili ng ZIL at idagdag ito sa kanilang portfolio kung maniniwala sila na balang-araw ay papabor ang merkado sa higit pang mga nasusukat na blockchain.

Simulan ang pagbili ng cryptocurrency

Hindi pa kami nag-aalok ng ZIL sa Kraken, ngunit maaari mong suriin ang aming buong seleksyon dito at mag sign up para sa isang account!