Market Masters

Kraken Pro Futures presents

Kraken Pro Futures presents

Show off your trading skills for a share of the $100,000 USD prize pool.


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Trade your way to mastery

Start with a $10 USD bonus and compete with traders from around the world for your share of $100,000. The top 10 traders by PnL% after the 30-day competition window closes will split the $100,000 prize pool.





















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You are in an eligible country


Your Kraken account is verified at Intermediate or Pro

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Competition details

Participants can trade more than 95 different perpetual futures contracts on Kraken Pro during the 30 day futures competition. Traders can deposit their own capital and still be eligible to win. Winners will be decided by the leaderboard rankings when the futures competition ends.

Winners are gauged by overall trading performance, not dollar returns.


  • PnL% = Profit / ( futures account balance at the start of the period + transfers into futures during the period)
  • Profit = (futures account balance at the end of the period + futures UPL end of period) - (futures account balance at start of the period + futures UPL start of period) + Transfers out of futures wallet during the period- transfers in futures wallet during the period

  • PnL% will be calculated using USD rates for all futures balances.

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*The $10 USD bonus can only be used to trade futures and cannot be withdrawn. Kraken will reclaim the $10 USD bonus from non-trading (idle) participants at the end of the competition. You can add more trading funds from your own capital during the competition. Trading futures, derivatives and other instruments using leverage involves an element of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Read Kraken Futures’ risk disclosure to learn more.