Atlético de Madrid x Kraken

A Partnership Built on Positive Disruption

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Atlético de Madrid x Kraken

A Partnership Built on Positive Disruption

Stay on top of what's coming

Kraken and Atlético de Madrid: Where Community and Innovation Meet.

Strolling through the lively heart of Madrid, you can feel the city's rhythm — a place of resilience, togetherness, and deep community spirit. And one of the most passionate communities in this city? The fans of Atlético de Madrid — a historic football club with a cherished legacy.

And it’s not just a legacy that belongs to everyone — it’s a shared future, too.

At Kraken, we feel the same way. We see a future of financial freedom not as a luxury, but a fundamental right that belongs to everyone — the people. That’s why we’re excited to join forces with Atlético de Madrid as their Official Crypto and Web3 Partner. Together, we're dreaming big about making opportunities accessible for everyone.

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Atlético de Madrid x Kraken

When it comes to building a passionate fan base, both Kraken and Atlético de Madrid know this journey inside and out.

Find out what it takes to positively disrupt things people said couldn’t be disrupted.

These brands shape experiences that live long after the 90 minutes are up.

About Kraken

You see, we’re all about giving people access to crypto — and the world-changing opportunities that come along with it. Since launching in 2011, over 10 million clients worldwide have signed up Kraken to explore new ways to unlock financial freedom through crypto. Like we said — it’s about positive disruption.

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We’ve been around the blockchain

Kraken was founded more than 12 years ago. And since then, we’ve grown into one of the largest, most-respected crypto platforms out there — trusted by 10+ million people from around the world.

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Security first, second and third

Security is everything to us. We have the highest standards of security* around, so your funds (and your privacy) are kept safe at all times. Some say we’re a little paranoid. That’s a-okay with us.

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Power up your trades with Kraken Pro

Kraken Pro is our go-to crypto app for advanced traders. It delivers a range of powerful features you can use to apply your favorite trading strategies. Think customizable dashboards, advanced charts, widgets, alerts — and all the data you need for deeper crypto insights.

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Advanced analytics for deeper insights

Kraken Pro is packed with powerful features. Like advanced charting tools, real-time market data, and lightning-fast trade execution — allowing you to track your performance, plan your trading strategies and make your next move — all in one place.

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Award winning support, around the clock

Got questions? We’re here to help. Our award-winning support team is globally distributed — ready to answer your Kraken and crypto questions 24/7 — online, in the app, whenever you need it.

Atlético de Madrid x Kraken

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