Торгівля на Форекс

The Next Generation  Of Forex Trading Is Here

Buy and sell the world’s largest currencies

You know Kraken as the premier trading venue for today’s most exciting financial innovations, now we’re bringing that enterprising mindset to the world’s largest market. 

Trade forex at Kraken and get access to the largest and most liquid currencies, including euros, U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs, British pounds, Japanese yen and more.

In the fast-moving forex markets, Kraken is primed to help you execute trades with industry-low order minimums and a platform battle-tested in the emerging financial technology sector.

Why trade forex 
on Kraken?

Industry-low order minimums

Execute trades with just 10 units of base currency for each transaction, giving you maximum precision and control over your strategies.

Pro trading interface

Manage your positions easily with our intuitive trading platform and advanced order options.

Розширений доступ до API

Quickly execute and automate your trades with our advanced API.

Низькі торгові комісії

Платіть від 0% до 0,26% від загальної вартості (обсягу) вашого ордера.

Так що ж таке торгівля на Форекс?

The FX markets, simply put, are where all the world’s currencies trade. 

Heralded as the world’s biggest market, as much as $6 trillion in global currencies change hands daily during peak activity, according to data from the Bank for International Settlements. 

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you’ve made a small contribution to this market, exchanging the currency of your native country with those of the nations in which you visited or vacationed. 

However, the FX markets present opportunities for more than just travelers. Professional traders earn money by helping facilitate such trades, finding yield by buying and selling currencies. 

Доступні ринки Форекс на Кракен

It’s now even easier for active traders and institutions to avoid friction when executing buy and sell orders for alternative assets on Kraken with our nine new FX pairs.

Trade with a global exchange renowned for its world-class security and industry-low minimums.










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Реєстрація. Розпочати!

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