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Kraken CEO: We May Be Regulated Out Of The Country

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell on what separates Kraken's trading platform from Coinbase and how U.S. companies are at a disadvantage (Fox Business News). 

Dogecoin Moves Mainstream

Dogecoin, Once a Joke, Moves Mainstream

Thursday and Friday Kraken’s registered volumes for dogecoin at 71 times their 30-day average.

Wall Street Journal
Dan Held of Kraken Down How Bitcoin's Price Might Hit $1 Million

The Growth Lead at Crypto Exchange Kraken Breaks Down How Bitcoin's Price Might Hit $1 Million by the End of the Year

Dan Held discusses how Bitcoin might hit $1 million by year-end and what meme token Dogecoin is all about. 

Business Insider
Coinbase's Five Big Threats

Coinbase’s Public Stock Listing Creates A Multibillion Dollar Windfall For Founders—Now It Faces Five Big Threats

San Francisco-based Kraken is the second-largest U.S. crypto exchange, and its fees are about half those of Coinbase.

Kraken CEO Says a Global Regulatory Crackdown Could Happen

Kraken Crypto Exchange CEO Says a Global Regulatory Crackdown Could Happen as Adoption of Digital Coins Grows

Jesse Powell, CEO of crypto exchange Kraken, said governments might crack down on cryptocurrencies.

Business Insider
Kraken CEO Warns a Crackdown on Cryptocurrencies May Be Coming

CEO of a Top Bitcoin Exchange Warns a Crackdown on Cryptocurrencies May Be Coming

Jesse Powell, CEO of bitcoin exchange Kraken, said there “could be some crackdown” on cryptocurrencies.

Kraken Could go Public Next Year

Coinbase Rival Kraken Could Go Public Next Year After a Surge in Bitcoin Trading Volumes

California-based Kraken could go public next year after seeing an explosion in bitcoin trading volume.

Business Insider

We’re Building the Internet of Money

Kraken is one of the largest and oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. We are consistently named one of the best places to buy and sell crypto online, thanks to our excellent service, low fees, versatile funding options and rigorous security standards. But this is only part of the story. We’ve been on the forefront of the blockchain revolution since 2011.


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Crypto 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto

Staying true to our mission to bring crypto to everyone, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell explains it all in our new video series: Crypto 101.

Kraken Facts

Recognizing the importance of Bitcoin from the onset, and understanding that the exchange is the most critical part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Jesse Powell co-founded Kraken to give people the means to quickly and securely invest in the space.

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  • Founded2011
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