How to Sell Dai (DAI)


A crypto asset unlike most others, DAI mirrors the value of the U.S. dollar but runs on a blockchain, meaning it provides the relative price stability of the U.S. dollar without the transfer delays that can be common when moving real dollars between bank accounts.

Whether you’ve been using DAI as a way to receive a loan, or are a trader that wants to gain exposure to other assets, Kraken allows you to sell DAI directly for Ethereum (ETH) and other popular cash.

Our exchange also offers over 150 trading pairs, so depending on how you decide to sell DAI, you can gain exposure to a wide range of other assets. 

For more information on how you can sell DAI if and when an opportunity presents itself, follow the steps outlined below. 

how to sell dai


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If you’re more advanced and looking to get right in and start trading, go ahead and sell some DAI!

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New to crypto?

For more details on how DAI derives its value, read our official “What is DAI?” guide.

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Why sell DAI?

Given the unique attributes of DAI, you may find buying and selling it becomes a powerful tool in your trading arsenal. 

For example, you may want to sell DAI if you want to:

  • Capture gains in times of sudden price movements
  • Execute on a timely short-term trading strategy 
  • Fund trades quickly without waiting for cash funds to transfer between banks
  • Increase your portfolio’s exposure to more volatile crypto assets 
  • Settle your funds at the end of a trading session


How to sell DAI on Kraken

已经找到您要执行的交易?那请按照以下简单的步骤来出售 DAI:

  1. 注册一个Kraken 账户。 您只需要一个电子邮件地址,用户名和一个安全系数高的密码

  2. 认证您的Kraken账户。

  3. 将 DAI 转账到您的 Kraken 地址
    如若您想出售DAI以换取其他加密货币 (例如XLMXRP),首先,您需要在您的 Kraken 帐户中建立一个存款地址。在 Kraken 上存放 DAI就像将其转移到任何一个加密货币地址一样简单。 

    如果您想出售DAI以换取法定货币(如美元或欧元),您则需要向我们提供身份证明和居住证明文件。请在此了解更多关于我们不同 认证级别的更多信息。   

  4. 出售DAI
    一旦您的账户收到资金,您就可以开始在 Kraken 上出售 DAI 和其他加密货币。

    只需打开 "新订单 "页面,填写订购单并点击 "出售"即可。请查看我们的 DAI价格图表, 以便把握市场的最佳出售时间。


没有看到及时的交易?您可以继续持有 DAI 的价格。 如果您继续持有,请务必将我们的价格页面加入书签,以便您及时发现出售的最佳时机。

如果您有更多关于下单的技术问题,您可以通过 在线聊天 或电子邮件全天候 24/7/365联系我们。



how to sell dai on Kraken