How to Sell Enzyme Finance (MLN)

An aspiring asset management platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, Enzyme Finance is at the bleeding-edge of providing cryptocurrency-based financial services.

For early users, this means buying its cryptocurrency opens up a world of decentralized crypto-powered funds and portfolios. But the platform might not be for the faint of heart today. 

If you’ve bought MLN and are no longer using the Enzyme Finance, formerly Melon, software or funds built on its platform, you may benefit from selling MLN using an exchange with a global order book. 

Depending on when you bought and how you’ve been storing your MLN, you may have additional considerations as well. Enzyme Finance (Melon Protocol) underwent a major change to its software rules in 2019. So, if you bought before, you may need to exchange your coins before you can sell MLN. 

Likewise, if you’ve been storing your MLN in a wallet you control, you may also need to buy ether. As MLN runs on Ethereum, sending MLN to an exchange requires costs be paid to its network. (For more on how this works, visit or ‘What is Ethereum?’ guide). 

Either way, Kraken offers robust ETH and MLN market, complete with a wide range of charting and trading tools. This means if you’ve ironed out any issues above and are looking to sell MLN, we offer features that can help you maximize your sale. 

how to sell MLN (Melon) enzyme finance


Ready to start?

If you’re more advanced and looking to get right in and start trading, go ahead and sell some MLN!

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New to crypto?

For more details on how MLN derives its value, read our official “What is Enzyme Finance?” guide.

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Why sell MLN?

You may want to sell MLN if you’re looking to:

  • Capture gains from past MLN purchases
  • Diversify your long-term investment strategy
  • Exchange MLN for another cryptocurrency  
  • Liquidate any Enzyme-based crypto asset portfolios


How to sell MLN on Kraken


  1. 注册一个Kraken 账户。

  2. 认证您的Kraken账户

  3. 将 MLN 转账到您的 Kraken 地址
    如若您想出售MLN以换取其他加密货币 (例如LTCBCH),首先您需要在您的 Kraken 帐户中建立一个存款地址。在 Kraken 上存放 MLN就像将其转移到任何一个加密货币地址一样简单。


  4. 出售MLN
    一旦您的账户成功收到资金,您就可以开始在 Kraken 上出售MLN 。(请注意:如之前所述,由于以太坊区块链的中心化性质和MLN是以太坊上的代币,因此在确认交易时可能需要一些时间。这都不在Kraken的控制范围之内)。

    只需打开 "新订单 "页面,填写订购单 并点击 "出售MLN"即可。接下来, 请查看我们的图表 以便把握市场的最佳交易时间。



如果您在出售MLN时遇到任何问题,请告诉我们。我们的支持人员24/7在线,随时准备提供帮助。您可以通过 在线聊天或电子邮件 与我们联系。



how to sell MLN on Kraken