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Benefits of futures trading in Kraken Pro


USD linear perpetual futures

Access over 95 perpetual futures and capitalize on market opportunities by going long or short.


Capital-efficient trading

Amplify your buying and selling power using leverage with some of the most competitive trading fees in the industry.


Informed decision making

Benefit from advanced trading analytics and monitor your historical performance and balances from a single portfolio view.

Why trade futures?

Discover the powerful, flexible, and capital-efficient world of futures trading, in Kraken Pro.

Unlock advanced crypto trading with Kraken Pro

Trade spot, margin, futures and staking all in one place.

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Futures trading advantages

Go long and short

Express a view on price changes of over 95 perpetual futures by taking long or short positions.

Trade with leverage

Get access to leverage, allowing you to amplify your buying or selling power, without the risk of your account balance going negative.


Choose how to profit

Whatever the contract, automatically convert any profits into a currency of your choice.

Flexible risk management

Trade using isolated margin to limit your downside per contract, or use cross margin to utilize all of your collateral across all positions.

Hedge price moves

Switch seamlessly between futures and spot trading in Kraken Pro, so you can hedge against spot price moves in either direction.

Trade with low fees

Enjoy one of the most competitive futures trading fee structures in the industry, with taker fees as low as 0.01%.

Get up to speed
with trading futures

Explore our support articles and resources to help you get started with Kraken Pro and understand the features and functionalities.

We also offer 24/7 support, ensuring that you have the help and guidance you need to get started with Kraken Pro.


利用杠杆进行期货、衍生品和其他工具交易,会涉及一定的风险因素,可能并不适合每个人。请阅读 Kraken’ 风险披露了解详情。