Security Labs

Kraken is the most secure digital asset exchange because we live and breathe security – in fact, we have multiple world-class teams dedicated to testing our products and services. 


However secure we might be, though, we know our success is linked to the success of others within the cryptocurrency community.

Kraken Security Labs

Security Labs

That’s why we created Kraken Security Labs, an elite team of security researchers that aims to protect and grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem by:




Working with vendors to fix those issues


Informing the public about ways they can best protect themselves


When a security researcher finds a vulnerability, the best practice is to contact the vendor so the vendor can fix the issue.


While simple in theory, many issues can arise in practice:


What if the affected vendor doesn’t respond?


Maybe the vendor doesn’t want to acknowledge the issue or they do not have a bug bounty program.



How long should the vendor be given to fix the issue?


Some security issues are not easy to fix and vendors often want to prioritize new features instead of fixing problems.





当每个白帽黑客都担心他们发现的问题已经被为人所知并被坏人利用时。当供应商没有发布修复程序的每一刻都是公众被蒙在鼓里并且没有掌握保护自己的知识的时刻。 公众披露是研究人员向供应商施压以修复问题的唯一筹码。

Kraken Security Labs

Simply put, disclosing vulnerabilities responsibly means something different to everyone – it’s inherently difficult to balance the needs of vendors and users.  


We strongly believe it’s essential for research teams like us to partner with vendors to fix issues in their products and disclose them to the public.


In pursuit of that goal, Kraken Security Labs has disclosed and worked with vendors to fix issues across a wide range of cryptocurrency products and services. The details of our vulnerability disclosure policy are published here

Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets






Cryptocurrency Services

At Kraken, we encourage all our clients to test and verify any cryptocurrency service they might decide to trust with their funds or data.


We’ve published issues and advisories for the following services: 

Our Disclosure Philosophy

Hearing conflicting reports about a Kraken Security Labs disclosure? 


Know it’s common for vendors and researchers to disagree on the severity of an issue. 


Put simply, researchers want their work to have maximum impact, while vendors typically want to downplay the extent of the issue. 



Interpreting Severity


Security vulnerabilities are typically given a severity range from Low to Critical, but not all vulnerabilities disclosed by Kraken Security Labs or other researchers will be Critical. 


Still, we believe it is crucial these faults be exposed.


Even a handful of low, medium and high severity vulnerabilities might be used by an attacker in a coordinated way to result in a big impact to the target device.

Compounding Benefits


Releasing these findings can power additional work. 


It’s common for security researchers to build upon the work of others, to release issues that should be fixed but don’t allow full compromise and to release research that the vendor doesn’t immediately think is worth fixing. 


Because of this, it would not be responsible for a security researcher to remain quiet because they did not find an issue of Critical severity. 


We strive to put out disclosures that are as understandable and transparent as possible to the public, so that you can make informed choices as to the severity of the issue.

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