How to Sell Zcash (ZEC)

There comes a time in the lifecycle of any investment when you’ll need to consider capturing your gains (or cutting your losses). It’s no different when you’re buying and selling ZEC.

First, make sure you understand the implications of selling ZEC. Depending on when you first started buying ZEC, you may be selling at a profit (or loss), which could impact your portfolio and carry associated tax responsibilities. 

As ZEC is a cryptocurrency, it trades on an open market, meaning that depending on when you sell, buyers may offer more favorable prices. Remember, the value of your ZEC will rise and fall against other cryptocurrencies (like BTC or LTC) as well as cash (like EUR and GBP). 

An exchange with a real-time order book (like Kraken) will give you to-the-minute updates on what buyers and sellers are thinking about the current ZEC price.

If you’re sure you’re ready to sell ZEC, click below or read on for a thorough step-by-step guide.

how to sell zcash (zec)

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If you’re more advanced and looking to get right in and start trading, go ahead and sell some zcash!

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For more details on how ZEC derives its value, check out our official “What is Zcash?” guide.

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Why sell ZEC?

Depending on your risk tolerance and investment allocations, you may find it advantageous to sell ZEC for other cryptocurrencies or cash.

You may want to sell ZEC if you’re seeking to:

  • Avoid losses or capture gains in times of price volatility
  • Realize gains from buying ZEC
  • Claim gains or losses as part of your annual tax reporting
  • Sell ZEC crypto for cash (like USD or EUR)

How do I sell ZEC on Kraken?

要开始出售ZEC, 请按照以下简单的步骤:

  1. 认证您的Kraken账户。

  2. 认证您的Kraken账户。

  3. 将ZEC转账到您的 Kraken 地址 
    如若您想出售ZEC以换取其他加密货币 (例如BTC或ETH),请在您的 Kraken 帐户中建立一个存款地址并将ZEC发送到该地址。 在 Kraken 上存放加密货币 就像将其转移到任何一个加密货币地址一样简单。


  4. 开始出售ZEC!

    只需打开 "新订单 "页面,填写订购单 并点击 "出售"即可。请查看我们的图表, 以便选择合适的时间来判断未来的价格。


如果您遇到任何出售ZEC的问题,请告诉我们。我们的支持人员24/7在线,随时准备提供帮助。您可以随时通过在线聊天或电子邮件 与我们联系。





how to sell zec on Kraken