What are NFT Worlds?

Summary of NFT Worlds

  • NFT Worlds is a metaverse gaming project inspired by the massive open worlds of Minecraft.
  • Collectors can purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing expansive worlds and develop them into community gathering spots, mini-games and many other experiences while also generating crypto income from their efforts.
  • The WRLD token is collected as payment for in-world experiences offered by holders of an NFT World. It can also be won via mini-games in the NFT World ecosystem. 
  • Only 10,000 worlds are available in the NFT Worlds collection, adding to the collection’s desirability and collectibility within the space.
Two NFT Worlds NFTs and text "What are NFT Worlds?"

NFT Worlds is a metaverse gaming project that leverages the world-building abilities of Minecraft, the world’s best-selling video game of all time. However, NFT Worlds explicitly states it is not directly associated with Minecraft nor the company behind Minecraft’s development, Mojang Studios.

Minecraft is an open-format video game where players explore and interact with pixelated 3D environments. Across its open worlds, Minecraft players find resources, build structures, collect tools and cooperate with or compete against other players.

Like Decentraland and The Sandbox, NFT Worlds allows users to collect unique plots of digital real estate. Each plot is algorithmically generated by combining manual inputs and computer-generated randomness to create an open virtual world measuring 16 million x 16 million blocks — larger than the entire metaverse worlds of similar projects. 

Because the creators used the open-source Minecraft ecosystem to build this collection, individual NFT Worlds look like the maps within Minecraft. They are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can be developed — like actual real estate — to create community gathering spots, in-game experiences, mini-games and anything else the user can conceive. This ongoing development of the project means that each world is constantly evolving.

Transactions and interactions within NFT Worlds are tied to an in-game cryptocurrency called WRLD, which is an ERC-20 token that opens the door to an expansive play-to-earn (P2E) economy. Users can collect WRLD as payment for hosting experiences within their NFT World. They can also win WRLD through mini-games in the broader ecosystem.

Five NFT Worlds NFTs

Who created NFT Worlds?

According to NFT Worlds’ co-founder, Ark Dev, the project started in September 2021 and grew quickly due to its determined team and open-source contributors. The early core team included five people, led by Ark Dev and co-founder Temptranquil. Many of the coders actively played Minecraft, which led to the inspiration to evolve gameplay within a Web3 ethos.

NFT Worlds was launched on October 5, 2021. All 10,000 NFTs were minted and given away for free on the Ethereum blockchain within 45 minutes. One week after the launch, the team added Minecraft support for the NFT Worlds project.

The WRLD token was first airdropped to NFT World holders on December 27, 2021 and is meant to act as the medium of exchange within the NFT World ecosystem.

What makes NFT Worlds unique?

NFT Worlds uses the well-established Minecraft gameplay and environment as its foundation, with a goal of making the experience accessible and personalized for a broad audience.

By bootstrapping NFT Worlds with open-source Minecraft code, users can enjoy an experience with familiar controls, simple world-building tools and custom in-game mechanics. 

NFT Worlds multiplayer will also have cross-platform compatibility with Minecraft on consoles. This means anyone with a Minecraft account who plays Minecraft on a PC or console may play together with users in the different NFT Worlds. 

Each World’s composition is unique, created by varying combinations of three main characteristics:

  • World Geography: This includes the total land area, elevation, annual rainfall and how much is covered by land vs. water. It also includes 46 possible environments contained within the world, ranging from common ones like Deep Ocean to rarer ones like Badlands. 
  • Resources: Gamers familiar with Minecraft may be familiar with the resources offered by the game’s map generator. Each NFT World comes with its own allocation of Minecraft resources that includes varying percentages of lumber, oil, gemstones and other items.
  • Unique Features: Some worlds have wild horses, some have poisonous bogs and others feature heavenly lights or catacombs. Each NFT World offers a variety of unique possibilities for players to explore.

According to the official website, combining rarer World traits can provide a number of perks to owners including higher WRLD token staking returns, exclusive features and better visibility so other NFT World gamers can find their world more easily.

NFT Worlds aims to be an open-ended system incorporating aspects of different metaverse and NFT projects. This includes algorithmically generated profile picture (PFP) NFTs that can be used as wearable in-game skins. 

Other blockchain-based gaming projects have bought NFT Worlds to build their own unique gaming experiences and leverage the NFT Worlds player community. Iconic arcade game and console creator Atari, for example, has leased a 20-parcel plot of land in Decentraland to build its own casino in the highly desirable Vegas City district.

Why buy NFT Worlds?

Crypto gamers who are also fans of Minecraft will likely be drawn to NFT Worlds due to its similar style of gameplay. An NFT World provides the owner with a space on the blockchain to explore, develop and build in a familiar environment.

Digital property may be an abstract concept to some, but in an increasingly digital world, NFT Worlds may become attractive to physical real estate investors. With only 10,000 Worlds available in the collection, NFT Worlds’ scarcity has the potential to create value.

NFT Worlds lets owners create experiences and mini-games that can generate revenue for creative collectors in the form of its native cryptocurrency, WRLD.

What makes NFT Worlds valuable?

NFT Worlds has enjoyed significant attention and transaction numbers as a result of the increased adoption of metaverse-based technologies that began in late 2021. It is following a similar trajectory as Decentraland and The Sandbox, as momentum builds when an increasing number of investors see value in owning unique plots of digital real estate.

One appeal of NFT Worlds is the vast amount of land within each NFT and the functionality of Minecraft’s building mechanics. Individuals and collectors looking to make a profit can buy a World, create monetizable structures on it, then sell it – with the aim to cash in on both the increasing value of the underlying real estate and their own design efforts. 

One of the biggest early sales was for World #383, which sold for 26.8 ETH (approximately $100,000 at the time) on January 1, 2022. World #383 is named “Cool Cats” in reference to a well-known PFP NFT collection. The world boasts a number of unique features, including reefs, sunken ships, deep caverns and more.

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