What are SlimHoods?

Summary of SlimHoods NFTs

  • SlimHoods are a set of 5,000 hoodie-wearing characters represented as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Characters within the collection display a looping, walk-in-place animation of an avatar wearing a uniquely colorful hoodie.
  • SlimHoods NFTs were designed and animated by James Curran and SlimJim Studios under the umbrella of Random Character Collective.
  • The value of SlimHoods NFTs vary based on the rarity of individual traits and trait combinations expressed within a specific NFT.
Two SlimHoods NFTs and text "What are SlimHoods?"

SlimHoods are a set of 5,000 programmatically generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The collection shows animated characters jogging in place while showing off their vibrantly colorful hoodie. Though all the characters in the SlimHoods NFT collection are dressed in hoodies, some have their hoods over their heads while others have them hanging down their backs. Apart from their colorful apparel, each character has a unique set of traits, including dozens of different expressions, accessories and more.

The uniqueness of the SlimHoods NFT collection was achieved by programming a computer algorithm to generate a unique set of traits upon minting each NFT. Certain traits in the SlimHoods collection are rarer than others, making the SlimHoods who possess them more valuable than those that only have more common traits.

Five SlimHoods NFTs

Who created SlimHoods NFTs?

SlimHoods NFTs were created by James Curran and SlimJim Studios as a part of Random Character Collective — which has produced other NFT projects such as the Mood Rollers and Invisible Friends. SlimJim Studios boasts Nike, eBay, Samsung, Disney and Vitaminwater as past clients.

Curran honed his artistic skills while creating animations for these global brands. Before SlimHoods, he was known for his Gifathon projects — series of animated GIFs depicting his experiences in Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo.

SlimHoods NFTs launched on October 18, 2021 at a mint price of 0.05 ETH (~$195). Each of the 5,000 SlimHoods sold quickly, showcasing the project’s strong NFT-community support from its inception.

What makes SlimHoods NFTs unique?

The most defining characteristic of the SlimHoods NFT collection is the colorful hoodie each image wears. The rest of a SlimHoods NFT’s traits are a unique combination of facial features, accessories (like hats and glasses) and other unique items.

The variety of characteristics found in the collection ensures that no two SlimHoods look the same. Some SlimHoods have become especially sought after in collectors’ markets due to the rarity of their specific trait combinations. 

SlimHoods NFTs have been well received within the NFT space and a vibrant community quickly developed around them. Owners from around the world have connected online through their shared passion for the colorful and playful animations found in the collection.

Why buy SlimHoods NFTs?

SlimHoods NFTs may interest collectors who appreciate the lighthearted and playful aesthetic quality of the collection. Each character runs in place in an endlessly looping animation, always sporting their colorful hoodie.

Collectors who want to participate in the dedicated SlimHoods NFT community may also be drawn to the collection. SlimHoods NFT owners have formed a tight bond through their shared passion for the collection.

SlimHoods NFT holders may also have the opportunity to gain early access to future collections released by the Random Character Collective.

What makes SlimHoods NFTs valuable?

The various traits of each SlimHoods NFT have differing levels of rarity. Some SlimHoods NFTs have especially rare traits, increasing their demand among collectors. For example, less than 200 SlimHoods NFTs have a skull bandanna, pink beard or white headphones. This has made animations with rarer traits like these particularly sought after.

Another element that makes SlimHoods valuable is the community membership that holders enjoy. Many SlimHoods NFT owners were granted exclusive early access to the Invisible Friends drop in February 2022 — another collection launched by the Random Character Collective.

SlimHoods NFT owners also regularly connect with each other to build relationships and share their passion for the project. The SlimHoods NFT Discord server gives holders a voice in the project’s direction, linking them to the collection’s developers and allowing them to participate in decision-making that will impact the collection’s future.

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