What are The Humanoids?

Summary of The Humanoids NFTs

  • The Humanoids is an NFT Collection of 3D robotic characters with a resemblance to CryptoPunks, one of the most successful NFT projects of all time. 
  • The artwork of the Humanoids is manually rendered by its creators in photorealistic 4K resolution. 
  • In the Humanoids’ ecosystem, ION tokens can be earned and redeemed for participation in community events and more.
Two The Humanoids NFTs and text "What are The Humanoids?"

The Humanoids are a non-fungible token (NFT) collection of unique robotic characters, stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is divided into two subgroups, with the Gen 1 collection consisting of 10,000 NFTs and the Gen 1.1 including 5,000 additional Humanoids NFTs.

Avid crypto users will instantly spot the Humanoids’ resemblance to CryptoPunks, a landmark NFT collection launched in 2017 by Larva Labs. 

The Humanoids NFT collection is made of sleek, cyborg-ish characters rendered in hi-res 4K and 3D effects. Complex lighting and ultra-high-resolution rendering make the Humanoids NFTs look like actual plastic toys, frozen in portrait.

In addition, the Humanoids is a blockchain ecosystem with its own utility token, ION. Owners of the Humanoids NFTs can stake their Humanoid in exchange for rewards paid out in ION. Other perks for owners include physical art giveaways, raffles and access to community events.

Five The Humanoids NFTs

Who created The Humanoids NFTs?

The Humanoids were created by a secretive team of developers. While little is known about them, several members of the team are active within the collection’s Discord server.

Notable owners of the collection’s NFTs include Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and Croatian footballer Marcelo Brozović.

The Humanoids NFTs have also been part of collaborations with other NFT projects. In late 2021, a new “Delta” collection was launched in partnership with the Surreals NFT project.

The Humanoids NFT collection was first released on September 30, 2021, selling out in just 3 minutes. At launch, Humanoids were listed for 0.08 ETH (~$270).

What makes The Humanoids NFTs unique?

Like many NFT projects, the Humanoids are algorithmically generated from a batch of hundreds of possible traits. Unlike many NFT projects, the Humanoids’ hand-finished 4K and 3D renderings give the collection a rare level of technical quality.

The Humanoids NFTs sport a number of traits, from purple mohawks to red bandannas, a lollipop, ski goggles and laser eyes — each with varying degrees of rarity. 

The creators of the Humanoids NFTs have developed follow-up collections to expand their community. Gen 1.1 Humanoids NFTs are the expansion collection, building on the success of the original. 

The team’s project roadmap promises to allow owners to customize their Gen 1.1 Humanoids by spending ION on new traits. 

The community surrounding the Humanoids NFTs is also a huge component of the project’s overall identity. Poster giveaways, community events, charity drives and developer competitions keep Humanoids fans interested and connected to their robotic companions.

Why buy The Humanoids NFTs?

The Humanoids NFTs have a distinct, high quality visual style. People who appreciate the technical designs and overall aesthetic might be compelled to purchase a Humanoids NFT for themselves. Owners of a Humanoid can also participate in community events, like raffles for new Humanoids NFTs.

With 15,000 different designs, Humanoids NFTs offer a very diverse collection of characters. People seeking a unique NFT that reflects their personality may also find a match and decide to buy a Humanoid NFT.

NFT collectors might take interest in the Humanoids for the ability to stake their characters and earn ION tokens. ION can be traded for perks only available to holders, and future use plans include the ability to use ION to buy new traits for Humanoid NFTs — rare token functionality not offered by many other NFT collections.

What makes The Humanoids NFTs valuable?

Owning a Humanoid NFT grants several real-world perks to the buyer. 

Holders of a Humanoid can capitalize on their NFT in a variety of ways, such as selling prints and other merchandise featuring their character. In 2022, collectors holding at least two Humanoids in their wallet were also able to grab a new Gen 1.1 Humanoid — the companion series comprising 5,000 additional NFTs — for free.

Many fans and owners find value in the Humanoids’ community. Creator-driven events like giveaways and awards are frequent. Celebrity owners interact with the community online. As a result of the collection’s devoted following, the Humanoids’ Discord channel has many times more members than there are Humanoids NFT holders.

Some traits found in the collection are rarer than others. For example, only 0.36% of Gen 1 Humanoids sport a mustache, while 9.9% of them wear a silver stud earring.

Other rare traits include fedoras and laser eyes. Characters with multiple rare traits are the most valuable to collect.

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