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The Kraken NFT marketplace has been in the works for over a year, launching a public beta version of its testnet in November last year.

Kraken NFT marketplace launches with over 250 collections

Kraken, a centralized exchange headquartered in San Francisco, has announced that its NFT marketplace is now live. The marketplace launched with a selection of over 250 unique NFT collections.

Patankar, whose appointment to Kraken was announced by the company on Monday, said that generative AI and personalization applied to NFTs, fraud prevention, cybersecurity are all "symbiotic areas" between crypto and AI.

Kraken's new CTO eyes growing role of AI in crypto beyond initial hype

Kraken's new chief technology officer thinks it will be hard to ignore the growing impact of artificial intelligence and large language models, and he's paying attention to areas where it could be deployed across the crypto industry.

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Kraken Australia has released an anonymised, aggregate analysis of millions of wallets on its crypto exchange platform. And the data reveals… Aussies really like Ethereum.

You got to know when to HODL ’em… Aussies favour Ethereum, then Bitcoin, over other cryptos: Kraken Australia

According to Kraken, the findings indicate Australians hold more Ethereum compared to average crypto users across the globe and adopt a more conservative strategy when constructing a crypto portfolio.

Santori said he was heartened that most lawmakers from both parties seemed to think legislation was in order for crypto oversight, though he acknowledged that the uncertainty of the Senate’s view leaves some question about its potential.

Kraken’s Top Lawyer Says Signs of Progress in U.S. Congress Put SEC in Legal Bind

The exchange’s chief legal officer, Marco Santori, said the regulators must leave the big questions for Congress, and lawmakers are showing they’re moving forward on crypto.

Tweeting on May 10, popular streamer Kitboga — whose content revolves around annoying scammers— revealed that Kraken had built him a “custom environment” that he used to frustrate a scammer impersonating President Joe Biden.

To catch a scammer: Kraken builds fake crypto account to ‘bait’ fraudsters

United States crypto exchange Kraken has provided a novel method for flagging nefarious wallets — building a fake crypto account on the exchange to “scam bait” bad actors.

Dave Ripley takes the helm as Kraken’s new CEO

Dave Ripley takes the helm as Kraken’s new CEO

Dave Ripley officially starts as Kraken’s CEO, while outgoing CEO and co-founder Jesse Powell will move into his new role as Chairman of the Board. 

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Crypto 101: Guide du débutant sur la crypto

Fidèle à notre mission de démocratiser l’accès à la crypto, le PDG de Kraken, Jesse Powell, vous explique tout dans notre série de vidéos: Crypto 101.

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Conscient de l’importance du Bitcoin dès le départ, et sachant que l’échange est la partie la plus critique de l’écosystème des crypto-monnaies, Jesse Powell a co-fondé Kraken pour donner aux gens les moyens d’investir rapidement et en toute sécurité dans cet espace.

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