What is Decred? (DCR)

The Beginner’s Guide

One of earliest cryptocurrencies, Decred copied Bitcoin’s code and modified it in an effort to empower and reward the token holders who contributed changes to its network.

In this way, Decred experimented with ways to encourage user participation in its governance process and offered a novel idea for doing so. 

With this in mind, the Decred team engineered Decred as a hybrid-consensus mechanism with components from both Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS), with the PoW miners verifying transactions and the PoS stakers proposing and voting on network upgrades.

Decred uses a proposal system called Politeia to tie this all together, where stakeholders vote on project funding, new initiatives, and various other changes to the protocol’s code.

The project’s native cryptocurrency, decred (DCR) competes with other crypto monies, such as bitcoin (BTC), dogecoin (DOGE), or litecoin (LTC), while adding additional features such as the ability to participate in governance, interact with the community and use it to fund the network upgrades.

To stay up to date on Decred, you can check out the project’s frequently posted updates on their blog

What is decred dcr


Who created Decred?

Decred originated in 2013 as a product of pseudonymous developers tacotime and _ingsoc, with the release of its whitepaper “Memcoin2: A Hybrid Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake Crypto-Currency.”

In 2014, the project was introduced to an open-source development firm led by Jake Yocom-Piatt called Company 0 (C0), who helped launch its mainnet in February 2016.

At launch, 8 percent of tokens (1,680,000 DCR) were pre-mined and split evenly amongst the developers at C0 (4 percent of total supply) and a list of airdrop participants (4 percent of total supply). 


How does Decred work?

Decred是通过复制比特币的代码而创建的,因此该加密货币提供了类似的功能 但有有所不同的修改。 

例如,Decred的区块时间为5分钟(相比之下,比特币为10分钟), 它的挖矿难度大约每12小时调整一次(相比之下,比特币是两周)而它的区块奖励是分配给矿工、利益相关者和国库的(而不是100%发放给比特币矿工)。

class="scroll"> class="row">   Decred 比特币 class="row"> 区块时间 5 分钟 10分钟 height="60px"> 挖矿难度调整 12 小时 2 个星期 class="row"> 区块奖励 首初的奖励是31.19582664 DCR,每6144个区块减半(~21天)。 首初的奖励是50比特币( BTC),每21万个区块减半(~4年)。 区块奖励分配 60%的矿工,30%的利益相关者,10%给国库。 100% 矿工 最大供应 21,000,000 DCR 21,000,000 比特币(BTC)

混合型共识: PoW/PoS



然后,Decred的PoS (股权证明)允许那些持有DCR的人员验证和确认这些交易,并参与网络的治理过程。

利益相关者会得到 "票证",这是Decred网络特有的不可转让的资产,每个区块有20张票证可用。然后随机选择其中的五张票证,由其所有者验证矿工提议的区块的正确性。



Politia 是由Decred实施的一个治理系统,旨在为新的想法创造一个开放的环境,并为接受和实施新想法而创建的投票系统。



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