Cómo vender Algorand (ALGO)

Whatever your reason, there may come a time when you’ll want to sell your Algorand (ALGO) for another cryptocurrency (or just plain-old dollars or euros).

La buena noticia es que si ha decidido vender su ALGO, Kraken es ahora uno de los primeros exchanges principales en ofrecer un mercado activo. Esto significa que, dependiendo de cuándo venda su ALGO, es probable que encuentre un comprador en nuestro exchange.

Antes de comenzar, asegúrese de comprender las implicaciones de su venta. Dependiendo de cuándo haya comprado Algorand, es posible que lo esté vendiendo con ganancias (o pérdidas), lo que podría tener implicaciones para su cartera y sus declaraciones de impuestos. 

Si está seguro de estar listo ahora, siga nuestras guías paso a paso sobre cómo vender algorand a continuación. 

how to sell algorand (algo)

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If you’re more advanced and looking to get right in and start trading, go ahead and sell some Algorand!


New to crypto?

If you’re newer to crypto and looking to learn more before you buy or sell, be sure to check out our “What is Algorand?” guide for a more comprehensive deep dive.

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Why Sell ALGO?

Depending on your risk tolerance and investment allocations, you may also find it advantageous to sell ALGO for other cryptocurrencies or cash. You might sell ALGO if you want to:

  • Sell your ALGO for crypto or cash
  • Capture gains (or avoid losses) in times of price volatility
  • Realize gains from previous ALGO purchases

¿Cómo vendo ALGO en Kraken?

  1. Sign up for a Kraken account
    You’ll need a username, email address and, something else we highly recommend, a strong password.

  2. Verify your Kraken account
    You’ll have to provide your name, birth date, country of residence and phone number. If you own ALGO, you can deposit and sell it today.

  3. Send ALGO to Your Kraken Address
    If you want to sell ALGO for another cryptocurrency (like BTC or ETC), begin by generating a deposit address and moving your ALGO to that new address to officially deposit your crypto.

    (Note: Once you send your ALGO to Kraken, your cryptocurrency will no longer be generating staking rewards. So, if you change your mind and want to continue earning ALGO, you’ll need to send your ALGO back to another wallet).

    For more details on how Alogrand works, read our “What is Algorand?” guide.

  4. Start selling ALGO
    Once funded, you’ll be able to sell your algorand.

    Next, open the New Order page, fill out our order form and click SELL. Check our charts to pick the right time (or monitor the market to your liking).


If you run into any trouble selling your ALGO, our crypto exchange specialists are here to help. Our support staff is online 24/7, meaning you can always reach us on LiveChat or by email.


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how to sell algo on Kraken