Robust Cryptocurrency Indices

Indices from a unique leader in cryptocurrency benchmarking

Kraken gives you access to once a day and per second pricing and market benchmarks from our wholly owned subsidiary CF Benchmarks — the world’s first cryptocurrency index provider, authorized and regulated by the UK FCA.

A trusted partner of the most respected and innovative financial institutions, CF Benchmarks’ reference rates, real-time indices and index portfolios power regulated financial products including listed derivatives, investment funds, and structured products from the world's leading firms. Foremost of CF Benchmarks offerings is its flagship CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR) which is used to settle the Bitcoin-USD futures contracts listed by CME Group as well as the valuation benchmark for Bitcoin by various asset managers globally.

Ensuring index and market integrity

CF Benchmarks covers over 40 assets with replicable cryptocurrency benchmarks and indices, all underpinned by robust public methodologies that have been fully market tested since 2017. 

Furthermore, CF Benchmarks indices comply with the highest regulatory standards in the form of UK Benchmark Regulations (BMR) which has been independently audited by Deloitte. This is evidence that their governance, processes, and controls are fully compliant with UK Benchmarks Regulation.

The CF Digital Asset Classification Structure guides investors through the blockchain economy

The CF Digital Asset Classification Structure (CF DACS) is a robust and comprehensive, multi-level system for classifying and segmenting digital assets by their functional purpose. It was created to help investors understand the blockchain economy and optimize their digital asset portfolios. They have also gone interactive with their CF DACS Token Explorer. 


What are the fundamental principles of CF DACS?  

  • Mutual Exclusivity - no asset can exist in more than one category at any point in time
  • Evolution - encompasses today's and tomorrow's trends whilst allowing assets to move between categories as they evolve over time
  • Universality - classification is comprehensive and includes all eligible assets in the universe

What is CF DACS used for?

CF DACS is intended to assist investors to better understand the blockchain economy, and to support the portfolio construction and analysis process, including facilitating the construction of portfolios that capture any digital asset type, entire value chains, or blockchain economic categories. 

CF DACS allows investors and managers to understand and articulate the return drivers of their digital asset portfolios by enabling performance and risk attribution. To aid your visualization of how index constituents have performed since the last rebalance, we’ve created short video animations for each index.