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Our listing process

We run a rigorous due diligence process to ensure every asset meets our standards. Here’s a brief summary of the process:



Issuers complete and submit an application with all relevant information about their asset.



Our Listing Committee evaluates each application from a legal, compliance, engineering and business perspective.



Once integrated with our platform, the asset is listed on our exchange. This does not mean Kraken endorses the asset.



We monitor all assets on our exchange to ensure they meet our standards.

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*Geographic restrictions apply

Transparency for new listings

Listings roadmap

We’ll update this roadmap once the Listing Committee decides to list an asset. An asset’s inclusion on this roadmap is not a guarantee of listing.

Funding and trading are not supported for these assets until a listing is officially announced on our Kraken Pro X account. Do not attempt to deposit these assets before that time or your funds may be lost.

Ethereum ERC-20

Solana SPL

Other blockchain assets

Kraken listings

Frequently asked questions

  1. How many applications should I submit?

  2. What does Kraken look for in a listing application?

  3. When can I expect to hear back on my application?

  4. What are Kraken's listing standards?

  5. Does Kraken charge listing fees?

  6. What is the best way to discuss an upcoming token migration, hard fork or rebranding?

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