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Execute large orders off the open Kraken exchange through our premium OTC trading service.

Over a decade of experience building crypto-native solutions for enterprises

Deep liquidity

Access to instant, large-lot pricing and execution. Get a single quote for orders over $100K knowing you'll get your entire fill – and its exact price – before you trade.

Comprehensive listings

Access all asset pairs listed on the Kraken exchange or trade 150+ pairs in seconds via the OTC Portal.

Settlement flexibility

Settlement options allow you to settle trades within 24 hours using your Kraken account, your bank and/or external wallet.


Large crypto trades with private, personalized services

RFQ via OTC Portal

Our easy-to-use, self-service RFQ offers automated OTC trading. Receive executable quotes in seconds and settle trades instantly using the existing funds in your account.

Trade via chat

Chat securely with our trade desk to confirm the asset, lot size and price of your trade. Benefit from white-glove, personalized service from initial consultation to trade execution.

Full suite of OTC capabilities

OTC spot

Fill large spot pair orders over chat or RFQ. Kraken OTC offers deeper liquidity and minimal slippage for competitive execution and settlement 24/7/365.

OTC derivatives

Our OTC Derivatives offering includes options trading and structured products, providing maximum flexibility to tailor your investments in line with your objectives. Learn more.

Why Kraken?

Market Share

Market share

We have been at the forefront of crypto for over a decade, with over 9 million clients in 190 countries. We are #1 in Europe with over 35% market share.

Security expertise

Security expertise

Kraken is secured by industry-leading security and cryptography experts.

24/7/365 support

24/7/365 support

Our award-winning, always-available Account Management team has deep expertise in crypto products and services.

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  1. What is the OTC Portal?

  2. What cryptocurrencies do we support?

  3. What is the minimum trade size?

  4. Is there a fee?

  5. How do I get started?

  6.  How does settlement work?

Terms and eligibility

  • We require a minimum order size of $100,000 and will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Eligibility for OTC trading is subject to AML/KYC and other requirements.
  • Kraken OTC does not hold custody of assets on behalf of trading counterparties.
  • Kraken OTC is available to Pro-level verified clients.