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API trading

Reliable, low latency trading backed by industry-leading security and compliance.

Over a decade of experience building crypto-native solutions for enterprises

>99% uptime

Reliable, low-latency endpoints for crypto trading and data.

Capture arbitrage

Capitalize on trading opportunities across multiple markets.

Tap into data

Subscribe to our WebSockets API for continuous, real-time data.


Types of APIs

FIX 4.4

Cutting-edge trading interface designed for institutional clients.


Asynchronous API for trading.


Synchronous API with trading, funding and stacking workflows.

Crypto spot trading

Analyze data, trade on spot markets and manage your accounts.

Crypto futures trading

Fully automate your futures trading accounts.

Crypto data feeds

Create custom futures and spot market data feeds.

Why Kraken?

Market Share

Market share

We have been at the forefront of crypto for over a decade, with over 9 million clients in 190 countries. We are #1 in Europe with over 35% market share.

Security expertise

Security expertise

Kraken is secured by industry-leading security and cryptography experts.

24/7/365 support

24/7/365 support

Our award-winning, always-available Account Management team has deep expertise in crypto products and services.

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API trading

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