How to Buy Nano (NANO)

Designed to facilitate fee-free transactions, Nano may be of interest to traders who believe blockchains offering low-cost payments will ultimately win adoption.

But Nano has other interesting features as well. 

For one, NANO owners have the ability to vote on software decisions and can play a direct role in its blockchain’s operation. Nano also has a finite cryptocurrency supply, meaning no new NANO cryptocurrency is expected to be introduced to the market. 

To learn more about how Nano’s blockchain operates, read our official “What is Nano?” guide. It offers more insights and related readings on how this new technology operates. 


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how to buy nano


Why buy NANO?

You may want to consider buying NANO if you want to:

  • Send payments to friends and family
  • Diversify your long-term investment strategy
  • Stake NANO to vote on protocol decisions
  • Build an application on top of its software
  • Complete transactions without paying network fees


Where can I buy NANO?

There are a number of ways to buy NANO. The easiest, however, is to use a trusted exchange service like Kraken. 

Aside from offering a simple interface and the lowest fees in the industry, Kraken is often rated one of the most secure and trusted crypto exchanges. This matters because if you lose the private key to your NANO, it can be difficult if not impossible to recover your losses. 

At Kraken, we take security seriously, with state-of-the-art technology to protect client funds. We don’t compromise when it comes to security and neither should you. 


How much NANO can I buy?

Looking to buy NANO on a budget? Don’t worry, Kraken offers a minimum order size of 2 NANO to help you gain exposure to a variety of assets.

Of course, you can also execute larger NANO buy orders as well. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for larger traders to purchase or trade 20,000 NANO or more on Kraken.

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How to buy NANO on Kraken

Follow the steps below to start buying Nano on Kraken: 

  1. Sign up for a Kraken account
    Enter a valid email address, select a unique username and set a strong password on your account.

  2. Verify your account
    By adding your name, birth date, country and a phone number to your account, you can buy NANO with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether. In order to use cash (i.e. USD or EUR) however, you’ll need to provide additional supporting documents verifying your identity. Read about our verification levels.

  3. Deposit cash
    You can fund your account in a number of ways. How you do so will depend upon your location and preferences.

  4. Buy NANO!
    Once your account is funded with cash, you’re ready to purchase your first NANO. At this point, you’ll gain access to our charting tools and 24-hour client support as well as advanced features like spot trading on margin*.

*Availability of margin trading services is subject to certain limitations and eligibility criteria.


24/7/365 Customer Support

Trading is really pretty simple! If you have any questions about buying NANO, let us know. Our support staff is online all day, every day, ready to help.

You can reach us anytime on LiveChat or by email.

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Where to keep your NANO

Once you’re done buying NANO, you should look for a way to secure it. 

The best way to do this is with a wallet that supports NANO, and that will allow you to send, receive and store the cryptocurrency (along with any others you might own). 

There are many types of wallets you can use to keep your crypto safe, including hosted, hardware and software wallets. The option you choose will depend on your needs.


Kraken is not a wallet service

It is important to note that Kraken is an exchange service and not a wallet service. So while we allow our clients to hold funds with us while they’re being used to make trades, you may want to consider separating your NANO holdings into more than one wallet. 


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