What are Lazy Lions?

Summary of Lazy Lions NFTs

  • Lazy Lions is a set of 10,000 unique NFTs that exist on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The entire Lazy Lions NFT collection sold out within five hours of its launch.
  • Lazy Lions holders are granted exclusive benefits like ROARwards, Lazy Lion Collectibles and access to a private island within The Sandbox metaverse.
Two Lazy Lions NFTs and text "What are Lazy Lions?"

Lazy Lions is a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated NFTs hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Lazy Lions NFTs are profile-picture (PFP)-style NFTs that owners can use as their digital avatars online. Lazy Lions NFTs sport a diverse range of accessories and personal stylings — some roar, chew bubblegum, wear zebra stripes or even moonlight as cops.

There are over 160 possible attributes, like clothing and facial expressions, that make up each Lazy Lion NFT. The combination of traits varies across each NFT in the collection, ensuring no two Lazy Lions NFTs are the same. 

Holders of Lazy Lions NFTs receive the full commercial rights to their NFTs plus access to a vibrant online community. The team behind Lazy Lions seeks to build strong digital communities where their members can explore the metaverse together.

Five Lazy Lions NFTs

Who created Lazy Lions NFTs?

Four friends from Sydney, Australia developed the Lazy Lions NFT collection as a COVID-19 lockdown project. The four friends use Ashur, Anlion, Nine and Nin as their online handles. The lions themselves were designed by the pseudonymous artist rizzio.eth. 

The team released the Lazy Lions NFT collection on August 7, 2021 at a mint price of 0.05 ETH (approximately $150 USD at the time). The collection sold out within five hours of its launch.

Since then, Lazy Lions NFTs have attracted a large community of followers. The Lazy Lions floor price has risen to many times the NFTs’ initial sale value, and they continue to be actively traded today.

What makes Lazy Lions NFTs unique?

The Lazy Lions NFT collection combines an imagined backstory, its online digital community, new business partnerships and the built-in collectibility of PFP NFT collections.

Lazy Lions backstory

The creators of Lazy Lions NFTs drew inspiration from their Assyrian roots, where the lion has represented status and power since ancient times. 

Each Lazy Lion NFT represents a character who found success in the NFT space and can finally relax on a private island with other fortunate lions. This private island is an actual digital space in The Sandbox metaverse where Lazy Lions NFT holders can visit and hang out.

Lazy Lions community

Owning a Lazy Lion NFT provides access to the expansive online community that has sprung up around this project. Lazy Lions NFT holders also receive ROARwards, which includes VIP access to vendor products and services. Holders can also visit the virtual Lazy Lions island, network with other holders and participate in biweekly Twitter Spaces hangouts. The Lazy Lions team continues to develop new benefits for its community of NFT holders.

Strategic partnerships

The Lazy Lions team has brand partnerships with Polygon, Chainlink and The Sandbox that are expected to add value to the project. With Chainlink, for example, Lazy Lions is set to eventually allow each Lazy Lion NFT holder to mint a new NFT within upcoming related projects. 

Why buy Lazy Lions NFTs?

Lazy Lions has managed to scale quickly and become a popular NFT collection. Buying a Lazy Lions NFT opens up access to an exclusive group of collectors, as well as networking opportunities within this community. Some NFT traders may simply feel a personal connection with specific Lazy Lions NFTs based on their characteristics and decide to make a purchase in appreciation of the project. 

Buying a Lazy Lion NFT also grants access to the digital spaces built for the community, as well as all future developments released by the Lazy Lions team. When the team launched the Bungalows — a personal space within their private island on Sandbox — each Lazy Lions NFT holder received their own Bungalow for free.

Lazy Lions holders get the opportunity to earn ROARwards, paid in ETH (the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum), for participating in the Lazy Lions community at large. There are also a number of dedicated networking channels within the project’s Discord server, connecting Lazy Lions holders with other like-minded individuals.

Lazy Lions introduced ERC-1155 collectible trading cards to attract new members to the community without requiring them to purchase a relatively expensive Lazy Lions NFT. For example, a Thanksgiving-themed collection of Lazy Lions Collectible Cards was issued to every Lazy Lion holder and person they invited to the official Lazy Lion Discord channel.

What makes Lazy Lions NFTs valuable?

The Lazy Lions NFT collection has earned its fame in the NFT space due to its community engagement, massive market demand and the occasional celebrity endorsement. Some celebrity Lazy Lions NFT owners include Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers, UFC legend Chuck Liddell and beloved beverage company Arizona Iced Tea.

Lazy Lions NFTs also derive value from the collectibility of various traits appearing in the collection. Some traits, such as a white or pink fur color, are exceedingly rare and demand a higher price among collectors. Lazy Lions have a wild variety of accessories, expressions and forms that also gives them a level of subjective value depending on a person's taste.

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