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Kraken remains the destination of choice as clients put their crypto wealth to active use by staking FLOW.

LONDON - March 12, 2021 - Kraken, the market leader for secure token staking services, has announced that clients have staked nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars worth of FLOW – a platform that allows users to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – through its secure staking service, a little over six weeks since the asset was listed on the exchange.

As of Sunday, more than 20 million FLOW tokens – worth approximately $725 million based on the token's prior seven days median spot price – had been staked through Kraken. Staking allows clients to earn regular rewards in return for depositing tokens in a smart contract that secures the network. Kraken clients can stake FLOW directly through the platform in return for yearly rewards of up to 20%.

"The numbers speak for themselves. FLOW has become a key avenue for investors to gain exposure to the white-hot NFT space," said Jeremy Welch, VP of Product. "As the leading provider for FLOW trading and staking services, Kraken sees this as just the beginning of a burgeoning NFT ecosystem, as investors put their crypto wealth to active use."

With current support for eight cryptocurrencies, and plans to add more soon, Kraken is one of the industry's leading staking service providers. Not only is staking via Kraken easier and seamless, it also requires far less of a deposit than staking as an individual. With ether, for example, running an independent validator would require a minimum of 32 ether – nearly $60,000. Through Kraken, clients can stake from as little as 0.0001 ETH – a little under 2 cents.

In addition to staking, well over half a billion dollars worth of FLOW have traded on Kraken since it was first listed on January 27. According to Kraken data, FLOW's cumulative trading volume comes to approximately $507 million on the exchange as of March 8. The crypto asset has seen considerable uptake by clients looking to gain exposure to NFTs. Month-on-month NFT sales continue to surge, with February volumes alone hitting a record of $342 million.

While FLOW is not available for trading on Kraken by U.S. or Canadian residents, it has nonetheless become one of the most popular assets globally, particularly in Western Europe. Nearly $50 million worth of FLOW traded on Kraken on a single day this week.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions or would like additional comment. Jeremy Welch is available for interview.

About Kraken

Based in San Francisco, Kraken is the world’s largest global digital asset exchange based on euro volume and liquidity. Globally, Kraken’s client base trades nearly 90 digital assets and 7 different fiat currencies, including GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, JPY, CHF and AUD.

Kraken was founded in 2011 and was the first U.S. crypto firm to receive a state-chartered banking license, as well as one of the first exchanges to offer spot trading with margin, regulated derivatives and index services. Kraken is trusted by well over 7 million traders, institutions and authorities around the world and offers professional, round the clock online support.

2021 is already a record year for Kraken. Year-to-date, Kraken has processed more than $320 billion in trading volume, more than three times the volume reported in 2020, our best year on record. Kraken is also the largest centralised staking provider in the world, with more than $10 billion worth of digital assets staked on its secure on-chain staking platform. Total client signups in the first half of 2021 were nearly fivefold the number of signups recorded across the whole of 2020.

Kraken is backed by investors including Tribe Capital, Hummingbird Ventures, Blockchain Capital and Digital Currency Group, among others. For more information about Kraken, please visit

About FLOW

Flow is a protocol that allows investors to mint their own non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The network is subdivided so each node only performs one kind of specific function – a division of labor – so the blockchain can maximize efficiency. The FLOW token helps secure the network and can also be a means of payment for applications built on top of the Flow platform.

For more information, please visit Kraken’s FLOW explainer page.


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Recognizing the importance of Bitcoin from the onset, and understanding that the exchange is the most critical part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Jesse Powell co-founded Kraken to give people the means to quickly and securely invest in the space.

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