Litecoin vs. Ethereum

If you’re just getting started investing in cryptocurrency, you’ve more than likely heard of Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH), two of the biggest blockchains in terms of market cap, value and influence.


While often compared, these two networks differ from a technical standpoint and in their respective use cases. However, comparing Litecoin and Ethereum is a great way to learn about the subtleties of different networks when it comes to crypto assets in general.


Let’s take a deeper dive into what differences the two offer.

litecoin vs ethereum


Litecoin was created as a digital currency alternative to Bitcoin and seeks to serve as an alternative to traditional government currencies.

Ethereum vs Litecoin


Ethereum was built to be a kind of operating system for any number of custom assets and programs.

To further understand how these two complex networks work, read below for a side-by-side comparison of Litecoin vs Ethereum so you can start to better understand and appreciate the differences yourself.

The difference between Litecoin and Ethereum



Litecoin was created with the intention to attract merchants who were looking for a quicker way to process transactions.


To achieve this, Litecoin copied the Bitcoin code and modified it by reducing the amount of time it took for new blocks of transactions to be added to the blockchain.


As interest from merchants in cryptocurrency faded, however, Litecoin would adopt a more aggressive approach to development, pioneering new features like the Lightning Network and Segregated Witness, cutting-edge technologies now live on Bitcoin.


As such, the project differs from many other cryptocurrencies in that it has always been positioned as a complement to Bitcoin by serving as a sort of a testnet for new Bitcoin features.









首先,在2017年著名的“ ICO热潮”期间,企业家涌向以太坊, 而创作者们利用以太坊区块链上的新资产为新项目筹集资金。并且在这段时间里,以太坊被视为一种全球资本分配和融资的机制。


以太坊的一个新阶段,即去中心化金融(DeFi),在2020年已经开始获得关注。 在这阶段中,去中心化的应用程序dapps则应运而生,其目的是在不需要传统银行或中介机构的情况下实现借贷等金融服务的自动化。

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