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Bitcoin Hits Record as Inflation Hedge Drumbeat Grows Louder

“Bitcoin continues to enjoy the rally that began in August and accelerated through September and October,” said Sui Chung, chief executive of CF Benchmarks, a cryptocurrency benchmarks administrator.

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Kraken Hires Ex-NBC, Twitter Executive as Crypto Jobs Boom, War for Talent Erupts

Mike Davidson will join Kraken as its new vice president of design, bringing experience from big name media companies such as Disney and NBC as well as social media giant Twitter.

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The Bitcoin Futures ETF ‘Was a Huge Watershed Moment’ for Crypto: Strategist

Juthica Chou, Kraken Head of OTC Trading Options, joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss bitcoin's and ether's moves, plus the outlook for cryptocurrency regulation.

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Kraken - From Growing up Poor to Founding Europe’s Largest Crypto Exchange, with Co-Founder & CEO Jesse Powell

Jesse has been in crypto pretty much since the beginning, helping out in the aftermath of the infamous Mt. Gox hack when $460 million got stolen from the world’s biggest exchange. It taught him a lot about security but today it’s NFTs that have got him excited.

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States Take Lead on Crypto Bank Charters and Digital Asset Rules

Wyoming has been a trailblazer, and the state has addressed and foreseen a number of challenges to companies,” Santori said.

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Trends in the Digital Asset Space

Trends in the Digital Asset Space and Why September Was an Underwhelming Month for Crypto

Kraken Head of OTC Options Trading Juthica Chou discusses trends in the digital asset space and why September was an underwhelming month for crypto.

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Crypto 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto

Staying true to our mission to bring crypto to everyone, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell explains it all in our new video series: Crypto 101.

Kraken Facts

Recognizing the importance of Bitcoin from the onset, and understanding that the exchange is the most critical part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Jesse Powell co-founded Kraken to give people the means to quickly and securely invest in the space.

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