What are CrypToadz?

Summary of CrypToadz NFTs

  • CrypToadz is a collection of 6,969 amphibious NFT creatures inspired by the rich history of the NFT space.
  • The collection was minted by iconic NFT creator, Gremplin.
  • CrypToadz saw 12,000 ETH traded in 10 days and has continued to grow in popularity since.
  • The project has had limited edition drops such as the Christmas-themed collection, MistleToadz.
  • The project supports environmental causes and has donated hundreds of ETH to the Rainforest Foundation.
Two CrypToadz NFTs and text "What are CrypToadz"

CrypToadz is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection of 6,969 unique toad-themed profile pictures (PFPs) on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT within the collection portrays a pixelated, amphibious creature with a series of distinctive characteristics, including various backgrounds, clothing, accessories, names and more. 

The NFT community reacted quickly to CrypToadz. Among the first to engage with the project were CryptoPunks owners, many of whom changed their Twitter avatars to Toadz after purchasing. 

The official copyright to CrypToadz has been waived by the creator and the collection is available in the public domain. Placing CrypToadz in the public domain allows anyone to build off of these NFTs, potentially developing new products and ecosystems based on the original artwork.

Five CrypToadz NFTs

Who created CrypToadz NFTs?

The pseudonymous digital artist, Gremplin, created the account for CrypToadz on OpenSea in July 2021. Gremplin had previous NFT success with the iconic Nouns collection. He designed CrypToadz with the help of eight other pseudonymous artists: BN89, Cat, Chanzero, Dinfo, Emmy, Heeeee, Motivateme and Sum1.

The official September 8, 2021 launch was kept secret until a tweet from Noah Davis of Christie’s auction house alluded to the imminent drop. CrypToadz went live that evening with each piece priced at 0.069 ETH.

CrypToadz surpassed a trading volume of 12,000 ETH – roughly $38 million USD at the time – during its first 10 days on the market. The public sale quickly helped the collection rank among top NFT projects.

What makes CrypToadz NFTs unique?

Veterans of the NFT world value the subtle references CrypToadz makes to the history of NFTs. In an interview with Defiant, James Wyper, a friend of Gremplin, said, “There are so many inside references and Easter eggs in the Toadz designs.” He added that those features made Gremplin “the visual historian of the space.”

Examples of Gremplin’s nods to prominent NFT collections include the usage of trademark square glasses that are common in NFT art. Some CrypToadz also smoke a cigarette as a reference to Punk #961. Gremplin’s ability to draw the CryptoPunk community to his work adds to the collection’s appeal.

Noah Davis, Christie’s NFT expert, tweeted that he was a proud CrypToadz holder: “It’s like all the weird art kids and the finance club got a table together at university and started talking and building together 24/7.” Davis’ remarks played a significant role in propelling the collection to fame.

Why buy CrypToadz NFTs?

Gremplin’s growing following and popularity in the crypto space make CrypToadz a great addition to any NFT lover’s collection. 

The project continues to expand its partnerships and overall utility. Turf NFT, a Web3 virtual world, tweeted, “Announcing CrypToadz holders as our second community,” with Toadz now “infesting” their virtual city. An announcement on the CrypToadz Discord channel also hinted that the project would buy a plot of land and build on Cryptovoxels’ user-owned virtual world. 

Collectors wishing to contribute to social causes with their NFT purchase may appreciate CrypToadz’ environmental record. The project recently donated 120 ETH (around $300,000 at the time) to the Rainforest Foundation.

What makes CrypToadz NFTs valuable?

Digital art in the metaverse is valuable for many of the same reasons that physical art is valuable in traditional markets. Limited supply, the rarity of certain traits and artist reputation all contribute to the price of NFTs and physical art alike. CrypToadz have grown increasingly popular due to a combination of these factors. 

The CrypToadz collection contains subtle crypto culture references that delight its community and create demand from savvy collectors in the know. For example, the CrypToadz backstory as explained on the project's website describes the Toadz as “small amphibious creatures that roam the swampy basin of Uniswamp,” a reference to the popular Ethereum-based decentralized exchange, Uniswap.

CrypToadz owners received a surprise in late 2021 with the announcement of a special holiday drop. The free drop allowed Toadz holders to claim one unique MistleToadz NFT for each CrypToadz NFT they owned. MistleToadz is a collection of 4,046 Christmas-themed CrypToadz NFTs that exist on the Ethereum network.

Perhaps the most powerful driver of demand for the CrypToadz collection is the track record and reputation of the collection’s lead artist. Gremplin’s work has consistently attracted motivated NFT collectors and influencers, further bolstering the status and demand for CrypToadz.

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