What are Doodles?

Summary of Doodles NFTs

  • Doodles are a colorful NFT collection of cartoonish figures with unique features and colorful backgrounds.
  • Doodles NFTs were created by Scott Martin (aka Burnt Toast), an established Canadian artist and illustrator. 
  • Doodles are made from random combinations of 256 traits. The collection also features 62 hand-drawn Custom Doodles.
Two Doodles NFTs and text "What are Doodles?"

Doodles are a community-driven collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens minted on the Ethereum blockchain. With seemingly endless facial expressions, hairstyles, hats, bodies and other traits expressed across the collection, each of these colorful avatars is completely unique.

Doodles NFTs are enjoyed for their droll expressions, colorful palettes and the vibrant online community that shares a passion for this project. Doodles are often used as PFPs (profile pictures) on social media platforms.

Burnt Toast, the artist behind the Doodles NFT collection, created a unique array of diverse characters. With an enormous number of potential trait combinations, there’s a Doodles NFT that appeals to just about everyone. 

Doodle holders can participate in the Doodles community treasury, known as the Doodlebank. Doodlebank funds are used to expand the project and grow the Doodles brand through new community experiences. Holders of Doodles NFTs can vote on everything from real-world meetup locations to brand collaborations to philanthropic ventures.

Five Doodles NFTs

Who created Doodles NFTs?

Scott Martin (aka Burnt Toast) is the artist and co-founder behind the Doodles collection. Martin is a Canadian-based, multi-disciplinary artist specializing in animation and design. Martin has worked with leading tech companies such as WhatsApp, Google and Snapchat. 

Many of Martin’s best known pieces follow the same colorful palette and lighthearted, playful subject matter. One great example of Martin’s work is his mural at the Toronto Stackt Market — a shopping center built entirely of shipping containers. The massive piece, titled Light & Free, was hand-painted across two shipping containers.

Martin’s Doodles co-founders are Evan Keast and Jordan Castro. Before Doodles, Keast worked with Kabam Games (acquired by Netmarble) and Dapper Labs, the firm behind Flow Blockchain and the CryptoKitties NFT collection. Castro is also known for his role in the development of CryptoKitties.

What makes Doodles NFTs unique?

As their name implies, Doodles NFTs are simple portraits of multicolored cartoon characters. Each portrait includes a one-of-a-kind combination of traits (such as a unique combination of hairstyle and type of mouth and eyes) that differentiates one Doodles NFT from all others. One signature similarity all Doodles NFTs share is that their left eye is always drawn outside of the boundary of their face.

Doodles were launched in October 2021. 504 Doodles were minted and set aside as reserve tokens for the project’s founders. Half of the creator earnings taken from secondary sales have gone toward the Doodlebank, which serves as a collectively managed source of funding for Doodles community initiatives. The Doodlebank was seeded with approximately 420 ETH after all 10,000 NFTs were sold via the whitelist and preliminary sales.

Through the community voting process, offshoot collections have been funded by the Doodlebank treasury. The Pukenza collection, for example, combines the Doodles’ color palette with generative art inspired by Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza NFT project within the Art Blocks collection.

Similarly, Space Doodles are non-dilutive offerings (they do not generate an additional Doodles NFT) that allow Doodles NFT owners to depict their original Doodle traveling through the cosmos in a variety of spaceships.

The motivation behind making the Doodles collection was a desire to lighten up the NFT space with some wholesome content. With a focus on community and sustainability, the team aims to bring Doodles (and NFTs in general) into the mainstream.

Why buy Doodles NFTs?

Those interested in the simple, playful aesthetic of Doodles NFTs might decide to collect and showcase them on their social media profiles. Prior fans of Burnt Toast’s artwork might want to buy a Doodles NFT to continue supporting his career.

Others may find value in the growing community surrounding the Doodles collection. Doodles NFTs have fostered an environment of inclusivity and collaboration. NFT fans looking for such a place might decide to buy a Doodles NFT.

For those that like to get involved in the strategic direction of a project, the collaborative nature of the Doodles NFT project allows holders to have a say in its future. Through the Doodlebank, fans of the project get to have a meaningful say in the next stage of the Doodles NFT project.

What makes Doodles NFTs valuable?

The rarity of specific attributes associated with each individual Doodles NFT adds to its value. There are 256 possible traits, some appearing less frequently than others. Doodles NFTs that have multiple rare traits are particularly scarce, making them the most sought after NFTs in the collection.

While generally depicting cartoon people, there are rarer “Special” Doodles that include animals, skeletons and food. These are in addition to the 62 rarer-still hand-drawn “Custom” Doodles NFTs that have become legendary in the Doodles community.

The value associated with the Doodles NFT collection also has to do with the community-driven focus of the project. Holders of Doodles NFTs are invited to propose and vote on ways to use Doodlebank funds and provide input on the project’s roadmap. This gives owning a piece from the collection a utility missing from many other NFT collections.

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