What is the MekaVerse?

Summary of the Mekaverse

  • The MekaVerse is a collection of algorithmic art robot NFTs that take inspiration from the tradition of Japanese mecha stories.
  • From the outset, the MekaVerse’s deeply involved community has driven the project’s direction and the value of its individual NFTs.
  • The MekaVerse’s development team has ambitious visions for expanding their project, both for its original collection and for spin-off ideas that would enrich its "MetaVerse." 
Two MekaVerse NFTs and text "What is the MekaVerse?"

The MekaVerse is a non-fungible token (NFT) project of 8,888 algorithmically generated robot warriors.

Each NFT in the MekaVerse is referred to as a Meka. This name stems from the Japanese concept of a mecha: giant, war-machine robots, piloted by humans, who battle against each other on earth and beyond. The creators of the MekaVerse were inspired by this rich concept, creating their Mekas to resemble prevalent mecha in pop culture.

Every Meka’s traits are algorithmically generated by computer code, creating an entire collection of individually unique pieces. The team’s artists finalize each Meka with careful attention. This gives the collection a unified aesthetic while maintaining diversity and uniqueness across each NFT.

The team’s plans for the MekaVerse collection go beyond their NFTs. The MekaVerse roadmap includes plans for apparel, 3D models and other Meka-inspired ventures such as short films.

Five MekaVerse NFTs

Who created the MekaVerse?

The MekaVerse was created by Matthieu Braccini and his partner, who goes simply by Mattey. The two men both worked as freelance graphic designers, eventually forming MekaLabs alongside a small team.

While conceptualizing the MekaVerse and traveling through Asia, the team drew inspiration from Japanese culture and the artistic qualities of anime and manga. It took just over a month for them to design and create 8,888 Mekas.

The MekaVerse collection was launched in October 2021 for a mint price of 0.2 ETH per Meka. The launch was facilitated by Miinded, a French development studio that has worked with other prominent NFT projects, such as Pudgy Penguins.

What makes the MekaVerse unique?

Mekas are divided into four factions: Originals (OG), Mirage (MI), Gadians (GAI) and F-Nine (F9). OG is the largest faction, containing nearly 4,500 Mekas. According to the backstory of the project, the various factions of the MekaVerse have their own territories marked by factories. Each faction member’s ultimate goal is to open the "Great Gate."

OG Mekas can be identified by their heavily armored equipment and stoic features, while Mirage Mekas have more sleek and aerodynamic features. Gadians also have a streamlined appearance and large conical helmets. F9 Mekas, the rarest of the four factions, can be identified by their round helmets and detailed body armor.

Holders of the MekaVerse NFTs are called Drivers, a reference to the need for each Meka to have a human pilot. The lore of the MekaVerse is constantly evolving, driven largely by the community supporting the project.

A notable aspect of the MekaVerse collection was the NFT community’s immediate interest in the project from its first announcement. Within 24 hours of its reveal, the MekaVerse’s Discord server had over 20,000 members, then quickly grew into the hundreds of thousands. This made the MekaVerse one of the most highly anticipated NFT drops of 2021.

Why buy the MekaVerse?

The MekaVerse is a project that may appeal to collectors of generative art and lovers of Japanese mecha stories alike. Their 3D art is unique in its style and thoughtfully designed by experienced digital artists. 

NFT collectors may want to hold Mekas in order to participate in building the larger community and backstory surrounding the MekaVerse. The thriving community aims to take advantage of future ventures that spin off from the original project while continuing to enrich the lore of the MekaVerse. The development team has an ambitious vision and roadmap, making the potential directions for their project almost limitless.

What makes the MekaVerse valuable?

The MekaVerse falls under the wide-ranging artistic medium of generative art. Also called algorithmic art, this is a style of artistic expression that uses computer programs to determine the different combinations of traits making up each character. The MekaVerse has also generated excitement among people who are passionate about the anime and manga cultures that inspired its creation. 

The huge community that formed around the MekaVerse drove the floor price of a Meka to 6.4 ETH before users found out which Mekas they had minted. Within the first three months of trading, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Mekas had changed hands.

The team plans to expand the MekaVerse, starting with some unique opportunities for in-world NFT drops like MekaBots and 3D-avatar drivers. This may stretch the value of owning a Meka beyond the Mekas themselves, a phenomenon that has been demonstrated by other expansion projects such as Larva Labs’ Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

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