What is World of Women?

Summary of World of Women

  • World of Women is an NFT collection featuring 10,000 digital artworks of women from diverse backgrounds.
  • The project celebrates female representation and diversity in the NFT space.
  • World of Women has taken part in numerous philanthropic initiatives, actively supporting womens’ rights around the world.
Two World of Women NFTs and text "What is World of Women?"

World of Women is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection featuring 10,000 digitally illustrated portraits of women. World of Women describes itself as a community celebrating representation, inclusivity and diversity of women globally. This project gives people the chance to purchase unique digital portrait images depicting women from multicultural backgrounds.

The images of all 10,000 NFTs were algorithmically generated from a diverse set of hand-illustrated traits and elements. Beyond the collection's aesthetic qualities, World of Women is working to advance female diversity and representation in the NFT space. A portion of each primary sale of a World of Women NFT went to support a collection of nonprofit causes, including charities working to provide education to women around the world.

Five world of women NFTs

Who created World of Women?

World of Women was co-founded by digital illustrator Yam Karkai, ​Raphaël Malavieille and two pseudonymous co-founders, BBA and Toomaie. Karkai worked as a translator and content producer prior to launching World of Women.

Karkai's fondness for striking pastel colors and intimate portraits, popularized by artists such as Frida Kahlo in the 1940s, heavily influences World of Women's design. Art from this period challenged the status quo in both aesthetic quality and subject matter — the World of Women collection aims to channel this progressive movement within the NFT space.

What makes World of Women unique?

At its core, the World of Women project seeks to empower women by promoting diversity and gender inclusivity in an industry where only a fraction of NFT artists are women. World of Women has emerged as the first female-orientated project in the NFT space realizing this vision. 

The collection is made up of portrait images of women across different cultural identities and aesthetic qualities. The collection’s diversity reaches far beyond skin color, offering unique and at times abstract accessories and traits that make each image completely unique.

World of Women has made philanthropic contributions to nonprofit organizations in an effort to translate their mission from the digital world to the real world. For example, the team has supported Too Young to Wed, a female-focused nonprofit organization dedicated to ending child marriage globally. 

World of Women has drawn attention from celebrities including Eva Longoria, Liam Payne and Reese Witherspoon. The project has also signed a representation deal with Guy Oseary, a manager known for developing the careers of Madonna, U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The deal will see World of Women exploring opportunities in film, television, music, gaming, consumer products and licensing pacts, with Oseary at the helm.

The team behind World of Women changed the collection’s commercialization rights to decentralize ownership. The project previously owned master licensing rights over all 10,000 digital artworks. The project’s ownership model is now similar to that of Bored Ape Yacht Club’s, which also offers NFT holders intellectual property rights over their digital assets. This means World of Women NFT owners may license their NFTs out for commercial gain if they choose.

While the NFTs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, the images themselves are hosted by a peer-to-peer distributed computing protocol called the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). IPFS prevents others from tampering with the content associated with an NFT as its content identifier can only ever be linked to one piece of content — in this case, a World of Women jpeg.

Why buy World of Women?

Those interested in the philanthropic goals of the project may also wish to purchase an NFT from the collection as the organization supports nonprofits promoting ​​gender inclusivity.

Owning a World of Women NFT also allows access to exclusive groups that have united around specific traits within the collection. Clubs were created in July 2021, with membership contingent upon the specific types of jewelry worn by the World of Women NFTs.

World of Women has also inspired an alternate reality game known as Galaxy of Women. People looking to participate in the game may want to buy a World of Women NFT.

Collectors may simply appreciate the aesthetic qualities of the World of Women as well. All World of Women NFTs are available to view in 800x800 resolution; however, owners receive a 4000x4000 high-resolution file upon purchase. Buying a World of Women NFT not only provides a higher quality image, but the right to use it commercially.

What makes World of Women valuable?

World of Women’s focus on female empowerment has inspired a wave of successive women-centric NFT projects, like Boss Beauties and Encryptas. The activism of the World of Women team is a central feature of the overall NFT project — the attention this project brings to its philanthropic causes also directs eyes to its 10,000 NFTs.

Like other profile-picture (PFP) NFT projects in the space, World of Women NFTs are each a unique mixture of different traits, each with varying degrees of rarity. NFTs in the collection that have rare traits, or especially a multitude of rare traits are often more valuable. 

The cultural success of the collection also makes the full commercial license rights of NFT ownership an attractive feature. World of Women’s popularity may offer instant image recognition and commercialization opportunities for NFT owners.

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