1inch price (1INCH)

24小时1 周1 个月1 年5 年
Kraken Price Chart$0.40$0.39$0.38
4:00 AM8:00 AM12:00 PM4:00 PM8:00 PM
1,254,511,191 1INCH

About 1inch (1INCH)

1inch is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform built on Ethereum that aims to find the best exchange rates for its participants across all leading DEXs by aggregating all token prices to find the best swapping routes for traders to mitigate overall costs. Its governance token, 1INCH, allows those who stake it to vote on network upgrades that dictate how the software is run.

1inch (1INCH) 以往价格

过去24小时1inch价格波动-4.64%。目前, 1INCH到 USD 的转换率是 $0.38/1INCH,1inch的循环供应 1,254,511,191 1INCH。因此,当前1inch 市值为 $475,868,712。

${ STARTS_WITH(0.2448219,0.00) ? :去年1inch的价格为+24.48%。去年1INCH的最高价是$0.68,1INCH的最低价是$0.22。 }

Kraken今日购买价值78,853的1INCH$29,911。您是否已下达 1INCH 订单? 轻松上手 Kraken。立即注册,进行 278 加密货币买卖交易。 查看所有加密货币价格

1inch (1INCH) Price History

1inch price is +24.48% over the last year. The highest price of 1INCH in the last year was $0.68 and the lowest price of 1inch in the last year was $0.22.


分析趋势、发现机会,像专业人士一样进行 1inch交易。

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1inch FAQ

Can I trade 1inch at a lower price?

Yes, you can choose what price you pay for 1inch using Custom Orders on Kraken. If the price of 1inch reaches to your desired price, the order will execute automatically.

Is now a good time to buy 1inch?

Timing the market can be tough, but dollar cost averaging can help. By setting up recurring buys, you can constantly accumulate 1inch over time and not worry about whether or not now is the best time to buy.

What is the daily trading volume of 1inch?

78,853 1INCH worth $29,911 was traded on Kraken in the last 24 hours.

What affects the 1inch price?

A variety of factors affect the price of 1inch including market sentiment, technical developments, user adoption and macro economic events.

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轻松上手 Kraken。立即注册,进行加密货币278买卖交易。 


轻松上手 Kraken。立即注册,进行加密货币278买卖交易。 

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